When Food Was Just Food

When Food Was Just Food

And Other Things to Know From Angry Asian America.

Seattle Man Says Online Troll is Hurting Family’s Business
Eric Chan, whose family owns Jade Garden in Seattle’s Chinatown International District, says an online troll is targeting him with harassment and trying to tear down his restaurant’s good name. It started with racist attacks on Instagram, telling Chan to cook a dog and it eat with chow mein. When Chan called out the commenter, he got slammed with retaliation. Someone Photoshopped Chan’s handle on to racist comments and disseminated the screenshots to social media. Now Chan is getting hit with a wave of hate — including death threats — from folks falsely accusing him of anti-black messages, and it’s taking a toll on his business.

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Project Voice 2020
Project Voice is a podcast spearheaded by the voices of the womxn/women and nonbinary folx/folks of the Asian diaspora. They are currently offering a scholarship opportunity to receive a one-time $1000 scholarship and join the Project Voice team as a podcaster mentee. Individuals selected for the scholarship program will work one-on-one with qualified mentors from the podcast community, learning how to become proficient podcasters, as well as explore what it means to engage in this increasingly popular digital medium. The deadline to apply is June 12. For further information, go here.

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Right To Reunite!
Kay Kay, China, Tone, and Chantha were separated from their families by ICE. They came to the U.S. as refugee children fleeing from the U.S.-backed genocide in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge. Now, ICE has ripped apart their families because their refugee status put them at risk for deportation. 18 Million Rising is raising funds to reunite these four Cambodian deportees with their families and community. They’re raising $3,000 to pay for their legal defense so they can all return home. You can help them by ordering one these cool shirts, designed by Raychelle Duazo. All proceeds from shirt sales will support the work of Asian Prisoner Support Committee.

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