Post Archives: See Sherman. See Sherman Su Dunk On TNT’s "The Dunk King"

Post Archives: See Sherman. See Sherman Su Dunk On TNT’s "The Dunk King"


This article was originally written for the YOMYOMF blog which was closed approximately two years ago and is being re-posted here for archival purposes.


“The Dunk King” is a four episode reality competition which is going to air on TNT after Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (May 18th), and since I like to watch dunk contests (and I’ll be seeing Game 1 anyway) I was already signed up to watch this.

But then I noticed in the commercials a few days ago this Asian face* and I got even more intrigued because I wanted to see an Asian American (Canadian American to be more specific as I found out) get their chance to windmill for $100K and be crowned…well…The Dunk King.

I don’t know how far he’ll go (he has won 5 dunk contests so far though) but I’ll enjoy watching it.

Here’s some vitals from the site on Sherman Su:

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 182
Residing City: Toronto, Canada
Vertical: 42”

Favorite Dunk: 720 dunk, because it looks so graceful. Being able to spin twice in the air is extremely difficult and requires amazing coordination. Spinning once is already crazy, but twice? That is elite.

Favorite Dunker: Vince Carter. What makes him so unique to me is because he does contest dunks in a game, doing 360s, windmills, and dunking on every defender.

No. of Dunk Contests Won: 5

*There’s also another contestant Brandon Matano, and he’s originally from Honolulu, HI. I couldn’t find a lot of information on him or his background.



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