Post Archives: Peggy Oki, Whales, TEDx, And Smooth Grooves

Post Archives: Peggy Oki, Whales, TEDx, And Smooth Grooves


This article was originally written for the YOMYOMF blog which was closed approximately two years ago and is being re-posted here for archival purposes.


I just say if you can’t respect Peggy Oki – activist, surfer, skateboarder, and artist – I don’t think I want to know you.

She’s in the skateboarding HOF and rode with the Z-Boys in the 70’s (the only female skater on the team at the time) and she’s been one of the people that’s helped open the doors for skaters like Vanessa Torres, Laci Baker, and Samarria Brevard (shout out to

And she’s still making videos well into her 50’s with her smooth surfer style.

Some people may not care about advocating for cetacean rights, but what Oki has done for the causes she believes in, from founding the Origami Whales Project which raises awareness about commercial whaling, to simply just dedicating 30 years of her life for the rights of dolphins and whales through her activism and art – it really is inspiring.

And it’s great that she’s able to share those experiences and passions.

For more on Oki check out her site @



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