Long Posts Going Forward….?

Long Posts Going Forward….?

Well – it’s been some time since I last made a post here – I think in part because I’ve been a little busy but also because I’ve also been doing some more on twitter and I thought to myself that maybe I should start saving posts on the blog for longer posts – or at least more in-depth posts than I am doing on twitter. But I do have to say that I am having a decent time making organic posts on twitter, versus posting here, and then having those go to twitter.

Which will still happen.

But – I think I’m going to save the blog, at least that’s my thought now, for longer meatier posts.

I’m not exactly sure if that will happen (or if I’ll stick to that doctrine of blog), but maybe…

That’s at least my thought.

And then I don’t know how many per month – maybe just a few – maybe more – honestly now that I’ve written that, I wonder if it will actually be true.

We’ll see.

And we’re moving now…



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