I’m Gonna Blog More Next Year…Well You Know…

I’m Gonna Blog More Next Year…Well You Know…

Why do I still blog up here?

Honestly – it’s kind of like, if I stop, if I put it down – in some ways – it just means defeat.

So I’ll march on, even if it may not be the same as when I started out.

Because it still matters–and if I stop believing that, if I forget that one voice can still make a difference, if I forget the reasons why this space even existed in the first place–

I don’t just lose, but I succumb to the forces around me that try to tell me what to believe, what to think, what matters, and what is deemed as a voice of action and change.

In that way it’s like why not just Whitewash myself, lay down, and peacefully massage my golden and lovely Asian American ballsack while speaking incoherently (and sure, I may do that latter part anyway, but that’s beside the point).

All right.

That’s it–just needed a quick workout to you know – work it all out.



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