Get Out And Vote. If It’s Against Trump. Otherwise Feel Free To Stay At Home (You Mother Fuckers)

Get Out And Vote. If It’s Against Trump. Otherwise Feel Free To Stay At Home (You Mother Fuckers)

I’m as worred as anyone else that the silent shy voter or some other unknown piece of data or demographic could make it a solid red band across the country. 

But it won’t be a wave. 
This much I absolutely know. 
No way this country and the young and the marginalized – the Color against the doctrines of Racist Whiteness – no way we do this again. I have too much belief that we won’t let it happen again. 
And I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do if I’m proven wrong. 
I have no Plan B. 
I’m just going to believe in us. That we’re putting in the work that needs to happen. 
Our President is Corrupt. Racist. Xenophobic. 
And he emboldens other Racist White Groups (because remember that’s where they typically come from – not White Allies). 
We have no choice. 
And I get it – at least so far as in people wanted to take a chance, spin the wheel – we’re a young country – we’ll have our struggles still. 
But we’ve had enough. 
So if you haven’t already done so – get on out and vote. 
If you wanted to but are still on the couch, and for some odd reason you find yourself here readin this (and who the hell knows how that happened) — get off your ass and go vote! 
Let the Trump supporters think they have no chance and let them stay at home. 
You go.
And if you happen to find yourself here and you’re standing in line waiting to vote – well – I’m giving you a virtual hug right now. 
Thank you.
For those that thought I was going to say something like “I’m tweaking your nipple right now” or “That makes me want to touch myself” A.) Consent is real – take it seriously. B.) My pants aren’t down around my ankles and I’m not on Xoom. C.) It actually really does want to make me touch myself – but I’m not, I swear. 
Just a little chubby.


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