Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Launches ‘Humanity Forward’

Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Launches ‘Humanity Forward’

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced on ‘The View,’ email, and elsewhere the launch of ‘Humanity Forward’:

“The entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who last month ended his long-shot presidential campaign in which he promoted a universal basic income, argued for data as a property right and called for a “humanity first” approach to capitalism, announced Thursday that he would create a nonprofit organization tasked with advancing those ideas.

The organization, called Humanity Forward, aims to bring Mr. Yang’s ideas into the mainstream through conferences and a podcast, and to build pilot programs that might put his ideas into practice.

The group, which will be based in New York, will focus first on a “data dividend” project and campaign that would fight on behalf of consumers who want the rights to their personal data, Mr. Yang said. And separately, he said Humanity Forward planned to announce a pledge Thursday to give a total of $500,000 in universal basic income to residents of one town in New York State, though he did not offer additional details.”

On the ‘Humanity First” website, he outlines the goals of the non-profit:

  • Endorse and provide resources to political candidates who embrace Universal Basic Income, human-centered capitalism and other aligned policies at every level
  • Empower Americans to retake control of their data and get compensated for its use by big tech companies
  • Activate new voters and the politically disengaged, particularly young people and the economically marginalized
  • Mainstream the ideas of the movement through podcasts, traditional media, and high-impact events
  • Launch and support projects and pilots that demonstrate the power and practicality of our ideas in real life

I’m glad Andrew is taking his political campaign & movement and carrying on.

I hope that this will be more successful than Obama’s post-2008 election effort, ‘Organizing for America’ – which never really materialized into something it could have been. I am hoping in particular that especially previously politically disengaged (e.g. Asian Americans), get engaged, either through ‘Humanity Forward’ or other ways civically.



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