Did You Do Anything For APAH MONTH? Anything?

Did You Do Anything For APAH MONTH? Anything?

Seriously what did you do?

I tweeted, represented my people. I’ve even done three blog posts – two of them shitty for sure – but still posted. I backed an Asian American Kickstarter project.

I thought about backing another (but didn’t but only because I had to choose between that and a happy meal and I choose the happy meal).

Did you at least GET NAKED?

Rub yourself with Asian American stuff? And no I don’t know what stuff you should be rubbing yourself with.

No you probably didn’t.

And yes – this is all this post is fuckers.

And you know by fuckers it means I think you’re really really sweet.

Do something – anything – for this month.

Because it’s dedicated to us.




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