Asian American Commercial Watch: Creative Planning’s ‘Wealth-Changing Question’

Asian American Commercial Watch: Creative Planning’s ‘Wealth-Changing Question’

I was watching 60 Minutes recently and saw this commercial by Creative Planning:

“Is your advisor giving you incomplete advice? Besides investing, there’s also taxes, insurance, estate planning, and other elements that can be stressful to organize. At Creative Planning, we provide all the expertise, all the advice you need, all in-house. Ensuring all aspects of your wealth are working harder together. So you can enjoy your wealth—instead of worrying about it. Book your free meeting today at Creative Planning. A richer way to wealth.”

with Creative Planning advisor Tiya Lim explaining what her firm does. Looking on LinkedIn, Lim appears to be a real person, though I’m not sure if the women in the commercial is really Lim or an actress portraying the real person (assuming the LinkedIn profile is for real).

In any case, I had never heard of Creative Planning before this commercial, so the commercial definitely did its job. Typically, I would have thought about financial services firms such as Morgan Stanley advertising on ’60 Minutes’.

Creative Planning does have an office in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I live), but in Walnut Creek. You would think given all the wealth in the region, substantial parts of it owned by Asian Americans, there would be more offices, and at least in San Francisco and Silicon Valley (which I consider to range from Menlo Park to San Jose).



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