Anonymous Letter Threatens to "Shoot Cambodians"

Anonymous Letter Threatens to "Shoot Cambodians"

“I want to take a gun and go down there and kill these individuals.”

Last week in Philadelphia, someone sent an anonymous letter to community leaders threatening to “shoot Cambodians.” The typed, one-page letter, reportedly sent last week to the office of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, accuses Cambodian residents of setting off fireworks at all hours in Mifflin Square Park.

The letter’s author claims to be a Marine suffering from traumatic stress disorder after serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also claims to own several guns. “I want to take a gun and go down there and kill these individuals,” the letter reads. “I am writing you to let you know when I do freak out and try to kill these people that it is your fault for not going to them and encouraging them (it is in their best interest) to stop doing this and remain alive!”

The association, which believes the letter is blatant, targeted racial intimidation, plans to address the incident during a news conference on Friday at the park. The letter has been reported to Philadelphia police and other investigative agencies.

More here: Amid anti-Asian hate, letter-writer threatens to shoot Philly Cambodians over park fireworks

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