An Open Letter To Trump Supporters

An Open Letter To Trump Supporters

Dear Trump Supporters,

Listen – I understand – you feel like we just don’t hear you.

You feel like we don’t understand your plight.

You need jobs.

You need a home.

And immigrants, POC, Asian Americans – like myself – are just taking it all away.

And you don’t feel like you have any power.

Because the numbers are against you.

So you needed a proxy.

Someone to lift your voice of oppression to the masses.

So you could be heard.

So you could go back to days where Asian Americans couldn’t testify against White People in court.

To those days, when Asian Americans couldn’t marry a White Person.

To those days when you could just use Asian Americans and other immigrants and POC to get what you needed, because you deserved it.

Because no one was worth was much as a White Person – and why would they, no matter what they accomplished, no matter how hard they worked, no matter what they did – they should never be as much as a White Person right?

And when no one is worth as much as a White Person, it just hasn’t made sense to you that your voice has been trampled upon.

That you were silenced.

That no one was giving you, your due.

I get it.

It’s the same reason I want him out. It’s the same reason I want us to take a step backward and go back to the Obama days, when at least it looked like we had a chance.

I get it.

I really do.



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