“Always Be My Maybe” Is Getting a TON OF PRESS. Here’s Why And I’ll Start With A Quote.

“Always Be My Maybe” Is Getting a TON OF PRESS. Here’s Why And I’ll Start With A Quote.

Here’s a quote from Indiewire:

If “Crazy Rich Asians” proved movies with Asian American leads could rock the box office, “Always Be My Maybe” is about to do the same thing for Netflix movies. The new romantic comedy stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as two estranged childhood friends who reunite in adulthood, rekindling an old flame that never quite got to burn bright. With these two beloved comedy stars at the helm, “Fresh Off the Boat” creator Nahnatchka Khan in the director’s chair, a hilarious Keanu Reeves cameo, and a title riffing on the greatest Mariah Carey song of all time — “Always Be My Maybe” will soon be part of you indefinitely.

While I disagree that CRA “proved” movies with Asian American leads could rock the box office – because I think there’s a lot to that statement because there was already proof of it and in other ways it did happen but wasn’t as talked about it (and I’m talking about leads versus an all Asian/Asian American cast) – versus it coming to a very specific head in the way CRA did and the money it made – I do agree it was though, a watershed moment, because people outside of the APIA community were finally ready to embrace and talk about race and ethnicity in a very different way – and accept it on a different level.

I think “Always Be My Maybe” is in that same vein. We’ve always had great actors and actresses – but it’s been whether or not people accepted them. When they do – and they are – now people will actually give us our fair shot – and let’s be honest – “Always Be My Maybe” looks MF AMAZING. If you like ROMCOMS – and I DO – you know this is a great movie.

10-15 years ago this could have been made (forgetting about certain references) – but wouldn’t have been received like this.

It’s about timing.

Everything’s about timing.

So yeah – that’s a piece of this.

And Ali Wong and Randall Park look awesome as fuck in this.

Can’t forget about them…the actual actors…and director…Nahnatchka Khan.

I guess they have a little something to do with it too…

But still a lot about timing….well you know what I mean…just watch this MF on Netflix on May 31, 2019.

And yes – it also has Keanu Reeves, Daniel Dae Kim, Michelle Buteau, Vivian Bang, Karan Soni, Charlyne Yi, James Saito, Lyrics Born, and Susan Park in it.



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