A Sesame Street Song: Proud of Your Eyes

A Sesame Street Song: Proud of Your Eyes

In the context of the attacks and bullying of Asian Americans that has gone on during the pandemic, Sesame Street has recently released this video of a song they created.  Proud of Your Eyes talks about one of the most common things that bullies and haters use to pick on Asian Americans.  Analyn talks to Alan (long time owner of Hooper’s Store, played by Alan Muraoka) and Wes about an incident that happened to her.

I have read some commentary that while this song is heartwarming, it won’t stop anti-Asian attacks.  I would say that this song is aimed less at potential bullies and more at encouraging the victims of those attackers not to hate themselves.  Eyelid surgery among Asians is common in the US and Asia – some women like Julie Chen say that they have been pressured into it in order to help their careers.

The non-profit behind Sesame Street, the Sesame Street Workshop, has a specific focus on racial justice.  They have prepared other videos designed to be watched by the whole family.  “Meet the Lee Family” talks about a Asian American family whose parents are the children of immigrants and whose entire family has been born in the US.  I liked that focus, working to debunk the perpetual foreigner notion.

Before we leave the subject of eyes, I would suggest watching the short film Beautiful Sisters by one of our former 8Asians writers.  The racist camera is another take on Asian eyes.



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