8mm Review: Let It Snow

8mm Review:  Let It Snow

While the upcoming A Sugar and Spice Holiday movie features Asian Americans, another Christmas movie from last year has two Asian American actors, Anna Akana and Jacob Batalon, as significant characters.  Let It Snow was released in 2019.  I finally got around to seeing this movie and thought I would share my impressions.

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Jacob Batalon plays, Keon, a teenager planning to throw a big party at his house when his parents are out for the holidays.  A snow storm prevents them from leaving, so he needs to find another place for his party, where he plans to feature his DJ skills.  Anna Akana plays Kerry, a love interest in this movie.  The movie shows these two Asian American characters as two regular teenagers in town.  I thought that having Keon be a DJ was a bit stereotypical, but that could be just because I know so many Filipino DJs.

It struck me when watching this movie that it seemed somewhat implausible that a small town in the middle of nowhere would be as diverse as shown.  Was that done as a nod to political correctness?  I think that the movie is aware that people might think of this, and it shows and makes fun of a hyper-diverse, politically correct Holiday pageant.

It may be because I am looking for some Christmas cheer right as my area is starting to lock down again, but I like the movie as a sweet, happy-ending rom-com.  I also liked how while the characters of Keon and Julie (played by Isabela Merced) are show as typical teenagers, they are not devoid of ethnicity, which is shown when they interact with their family. Keon is  definitely Filipino! Let It Snow is not deep or profound, but definitely enjoyable.  I do wish we saw more of Anna Akana’s Kerry.

Let it Snow is based on the novel Let It Snow:  Three Holiday Romances.  You can stream Let It Snow on Netflix.




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