3X: Random Asian American Goodness In Time For The Holidays

3X: Random Asian American Goodness In Time For The Holidays

It’s the Holidays and regardless of whether or not impeachment actually happens–I’m not going full on Grinch just yet (I’m going to wait to see what Santa got for me first)–so in the meantime, here are some heart-warming and positive stories as we enter the holidays.

Braille Institute Wakes Up RRN

Honestly. I’m just gonna ask what the fuck you do for the Holidays besides wish for shit you don’t need, and then point you to the band Run River North who partnered up with the Braille Institute and taught kids how to play instruments, inspiring and fueling their creative talents. You?

Andrew Yang Is The Only POC And Asian American Who Made The Final Cut

I still have issues with his MATH. I still have issues with some of his stereotyping of the Asian American community. I still have issues. But–it doesn’t take away the fact that Yang has done what no other Asian American has done up to this point. In that way, it is kind of, just a little bit, of an Asian American Christmas miracle. We can still do without the math though. We have computers to take care of that.

Little Fires Make Big Fires

Hulu just released the trailer a few days ago for their original miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere” based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller of the same name. In a stark comparison, nothing here on this blog will ever get turned into a miniseries by Hulu. Or Apple. Or Disney+ (and WTF if Disney+ anyway?). It’s good to be Ng.



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