2022 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS) Findings

2022 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS) Findings

Since I cover politics as my particular niche for 8Asians, I’m always interested when the latest Asian American Voter Survey comes out. Thus I was eager to see this years would say, as the latest survey was released recently. Here are someĀ  selected findings that I found the most interesting.

As you can see from above, it’s no surprise that Asian Americans overall, are considerably more Democratic than Republican. Those who are independent, lean more Democratic than Republican:

What’s also not surprising is that Vietnamese Americans are the most poltically Republican.

Some other data points I found interesting were these two polling questions on Biden & Trump:
Because Asian Americans tend to lean Democratic, it’s no surprise that we tend to have a more favorable view of Biden compared to his overall poll numbers. But what I was somewhat surprised at (I guess I shouldn’t have been), was that Trump is super-unpopular:

I guess Trump calling COVID-19 a “China virus” definitely turns off Chinese Americans …

It’s no surprise that Asian Americans are concerned with the overall concerns of all Americans:
I was a surprised that health care came up ahead of Jobs & Economy. I’m particularly interested to know why – maybe a disproportionate number of Asian Americans are small business owners and are concerned about the escalating cost of health insurance and healthcare?

And finally, I thought this was probably the most interesting: Asian Americans are very much in favor of stronger gun control:

I have to think that, especially for immigrant Asian Americans, most (if not all) of the countries those immigrated from have strong gun control and low rates of gun violence and are shocked at America’s gun violence problems.

I’m not under illusion that Democrats will keep the House and Senate this fall – inflation and concerns of an upcoming recession are great concerns. More voters of color, including Asian Americans, are increasingly dissatisfied with the Democratic Party for a variety of reasons (I think mostly because of inflation, like many Americans), so it will be interesting to see in the mid-term elections if Republicans can win over more Asian American voters or or if the Republican brand, especially with all the January 6th hearings, have made the GOP even more untouchable.



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