Looking for Exposure?

We’re looking for guest writers for The Asian American Journal (AAJ) and contributors of video, humor, book reviews, challenges/brain teasers, and polls. You’ll be credited in the post. Find out more below.

In addition to blog entries on multiple Asian American categories, we highlight Asian American related YouTube videos regularly on our video page, Asian American humor (in the form of jokes, cartoons, and videos), Asian American events or Asian American career-related book reviews, and polls.

We want to feature content in several niche topics and are looking for contributors:

  • Are you looking to share your opinion and expertise with a strong community of Asian Americans as a guest writer?
  • Are there any original artists out there who would like to have their Asian American comics promoted? Or are you an artist?
  • Do you know any good Asian American-related jokes, brainteasers, or puzzles?
  • Do you know of any good content sources (that could be used with permission)?
  • Do you have good Asian American video content?
  • Do you like to review Asian American Events or Asian American Career books?

Want to write for AsianAmericanJournal.com as a Guest Writer?

Great!  We’d love to help get your message out and get your voice heard.  Be a Guest Writer so you can write full featured guest posts not just bookmarks like anyone can do.

There are benefits for contributing great quality content with us.

Here the benefits are:

  • We’ll link back to your Asian American related site or product.
  • We will feature you on the home page of our site for additional exposure.
  • Be seen by thousands of people that visit our site daily.
  • Be recognized as an author for a popular Asian American website.
  • Most importantly reach people that want to hear what you have to say!

We’re excited that you’re interested in writing (and speaking) about, but before we let you in, I need to make sure we’re a good fit.  Fair enough?

It is a win-win situation, your guest post will help you get more traffic, massive exposure, awesome backlinks, and ultimately more sales.  As for our readers they are exposed to diversity and another point of view.

We created a short application process that will let me know…

But first, here are a few simple requirements for the program:

General Writing Guidelines:

  • Your post must be relevant to our Asian American audience and their interests
  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet
  • Posts should be 500 to 1,200 words in length
  • You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs)
  • You can include one link your author byline, which will be displayed at the bottom of the post
  • You can include up to 2 links within your post. One must go to an authority site (like Wikipedia) and the other can be used to link to your own blog, your own website or your own product.  Please NO affiliate links.
  • Please use natural, varied anchor text when linking to another post, your site, or an authority site

General Formatting Guidelines

  • Post must be submitted to our WordPress site by using your contributor login and password credentials
  • Please format your guest post to include a title, H1 tag and an image (preferably original, non-indexed) – use thumbnail (150×150) size only and place on the left of the 1st paragraph of the body
  • You must have the right to publish any images you place in your post
  • Do not include links in the first 150 words of the body of the article
  • Do not use keywords more than 3 times throughout the body of the post, use them naturally and please utilize Latent Symantic Indexing (LSI) replacements when possible
  • Use H2 or H4 tags for sub-headings
  • Make sure to edit (and keep updated) your Asian American WordPress profile and include your author byline, bio, gravatar and a link to your website and your Google + Authorship profile

General Submission Guidelines

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, you can upload it by using your contributor log in credentials once they have been assigned to you.  We check submissions weekly and only approve those that meet our guidelines.  Once approved, your post will be published by our blog administrator.

No Affiliate Links or Product Sales or Even Product Reviews!

The purpose of allowing you to write a guest post is to help you get the exposure and traffic you need.  It’s not to help you market somebody else’s product.  I have no problems with affiliate marketing whatsoever because I do it everyday myself.  However, I am not looking for my guest posts to be a Big Pitch Fest.  So, don’t link to any affiliate sites.  You can, however, link back to your site!

Quick Guest Posting Guidelines, in case you were skimming 

  • 500 – 1,200 Word Post
  • Must be original and unpublished on the internet
  • Must be in English & spell checked
  • Your Post may be edited
  • Absolutely No affiliate links, products, or reviews
  • No adult Content
  • No hate Content
  • Please include pictures
  • If possible optimize your post