What’s So Funny about Being Asian American?

What’s So Funny about Being Asian American?

A comedic personal development performance on the impact of cultural values, for the National Association of Asian American Professionals – Tucson, November …

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B0RNfree says:

you said the PM was “guilty”, he was never? tried, they are just accustion.

quetzalift says:

Oh, Americans are? SOOO dumb!

aohus says:

you are? subtly implying that you do not want to be associated with East Asians. THAT, my friend, is racism as well.

q1ax says:

OMG? 1480 in SAT? thats the same score i got in my SAT and im Asian too WOW we got same SAT

mclaff9 says:

I hope you did more with it than I did. 🙂 My college GPA mostly offset the pride in me my parents had from my SAT? score. I’m exaggerating, but I suppose I could have worked harder in college. Thanks for checking out my video.

halimaw12 says:

wow theres more filipinos in hollywood..rob schneider,vanessa hudgens,nicole(pussycat? dolls),batista,etc etc etc. 🙂

Jigna Desai says:

lol cool video! my names Zoe, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on? cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ FriendlyFlirts(.COM) __ my user ID there is Zoe_foegfgktwb chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah

areufkingkiddingme says:

OMFG im asian and i? got a 1480 too Im not shitting you like omfg

blackdragonwingz says:

hahaha….the caucasian is so adorable! he makes a great attempt to connect to those asians. (and he did well!)
ahh, I wish I got a freaking 1480!? Gr…..I’m working on it.
god, I swear, if my parents say another word about my worth measured in SAT scores I will probably explode, whatever, I don’t know.

mclaff9 says:

Congratulations! I hope you didn’t go into filmmaking, like I? did. 🙂

FuckThemFilAms says:

Look up the definition, look up the history and impact on how INDIAN culture has on ASIANS.

Indians? have been ASIAN for a long time, maybe u just dont see it. Some people don’t think Filipinos are ASIAN, but they are.

trupoet22 says:

Who was this? video directed by?

mclaff9 says:

It wasn’t directed by anyone. I just set a camera up in? the back of the room, which obviously wasn’t the best placement. Oh well.

RepublicadeFilipinas says:

Canal de filipinas en? idioma español.

gothgrl10 says:

I am Asian? American :DD

parents are from Laos & Thailand

buuh I was born in Michigan. 🙂

agnie123 says:

half thai? yo!

halimaw12 says:

what about efren reyes jr huh? from the rundown. but anyways yer right if you look white you are white but those guys that i mentioned? dont even look white, they kinda look mexican.

axxs says:

wtf is the association for asian american proffesionals?im asian and that sounds so creepy.u actually have a support group for being? asian?

edwardjiggle says:

cuz ur gay thats why?

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