What is the difference b/w Asian and Asian American Studies?

What is the difference b/w Asian and Asian American Studies?

These videos are part of my Soc197a; Intro to Asian American Studies. I took interviews of random people at the HUB at Penn State on January 31. The topic is…

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ZamorasL says:

the guy in minute 4 has a big? triangular nose

yld629 says:

WoW!? It seemed to me that a lot of the Asians in that vid had trouble differentiating between the two… I blame MTV =p

Ultraoutlaw98 says:

I dont understand whats going through some of these people’s minds. The? question answers itself. Weird.

YuAhrRooser says:

Lol…I liked the guy that? said “none.”
And that guy with the TMNT shirt got it on the dot…NICE.

gummyworm81 says:

so the guy with an accent? have a better understanding.

kirkwood1991 says:

I found that there’re some goodlooking Asian people in Asian country even though majority people in that region are ugly though.
And it is very very rare? case I can find goodlooking Asians in the US.
Why is that?

Nikko1Brown says:

There’s good looking people and ugly looking? people everywhere you go it can be of any ethnic group or nationality theres gonna be the not so good looking and the beautiful ones.

YFLOInternational says:

Have you heard the? rap, The 25th Century. It clarifies a lot of these questions.

Peter Kriz says:

Embarrassing indictment of intelligence at PSU. Yikes! What ignorance!?

Isaac Lok says:

okok beauty is in the? eye of the beholder wat do u mean by beautifulll?????

MusicforMe123 says:

What a dumb, dumb, dumbass question…What is the difference between a dumbass interviewer in? Asia and a dumbass interviewer in America…none, he is still a dumbass. Forget the stupid questions, the chick @ 5:26 is not wearing a bra under her hoody…thats hot. That is the only good thing that came out of this video. What is the difference between a chick with clothes underneath her hoody and a chick without clothes under her hoody……ANSWER: About nine hard inches….HUUAHH!!!

MazdaArai says:

Derp .fuck? amerika

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