What does it mean to be Asian/American?

What does it mean to be Asian/American?

UCSD Ethn 121 Summer Session II 2009 Professor Ma Vang Contemporary Asian American History Creative Project Interviewees: – Aileen Huang – Annie Tsai – Chris…

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mollykjody says:

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Fucius says:

haahahahaha you’re so funny! Everybody on the internet really cares about your opinion. Thanks for your input! Everybody has been made smarter. Thanks! 😀

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SunnySunKansas says:

you make a great video.i like to know about other Asian american thinking because i have a daughter who grow up in a american environment. She is totally american style. we try to tell her about Chinese culture but it is useless. she is struggle we are struggle. finally we give up.we do our things .she does her things now .is? it normal? i like your video. subbed. check my videos if you can.thank you very much.

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