The Asian American Experience Project Part 3

The Asian American Experience Project Part 3

The International Examiner staff talk about their Asian American Experience. The questions were developed from videos created by the Asia Society, Columbia U…

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RussX5Z says:

I kind of disagree with the girl on 4.00 m. esp when she said its gotten better for the AA actor on TV that there are more these days. I have to say that they’re aren’t enough and AA haven’t progressed? that far lately.

demikede1 says:

I notice on the list of session questions, there is no #9…I wonder what it was.

Asian-Americans have to live within the lines of two cultures: the nation they live in and the culture their parents come from. Some of the Asian population lived in the US their whole lives and are? multi-generational. Others are recently arrived immigrants.

Asian Stereotypes remain a problem, because the USA needs to become more familiar with the variety of cultures originating in the Asian continent. +

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