TAKEOUT ENTERTAINMENT | Asian-American Media Stereotypes – pt. 2

TAKEOUT ENTERTAINMENT | Asian-American Media Stereotypes – pt. 2

Takeout Entertainment presents How fellow Asian-Americans feel about today’s media? And why Hollywood renounces and typecast Asian minorities in their film, …

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7dontyouknow7 says:

Everybody knows Bruce Lee,? even without hints! Come on! Christie Yamaguchi was pretty much the most well-know asian ice skater besides Michelle Kwan and her sister.
Christie was cooler because she would sometimes skate to what was considered “unorthodox” music than the average artsy skate-choreography classic song.

Lukeiru says:

the bruce lee part was? just…. wow…. I guess they don’t recognize him unless he’s kicking somebody huh? lol

I would’ve probably just gotten Bruce and Brenda. I’ve heard of Yamaguchi, but never saw her before.

wonphi says:

1:40, I know? that guy.

I call him “fight like a man.” lol

thelovechocolatee says:

who the fuck doesn’t know how bruce lee looks like.? wtf is wrong with those people

1manneri says:

I really like this video, and I think the word should be spread. America? is suppose to be the Melting Pot, and a home for many different people. So role models are very important and if there are some they should have a chance to become role models.

Waggie Too says:

asian american sings? america, please take a look

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