SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology – OFFICIAL TRAILER

SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology  – OFFICIAL TRAILER

The official trailer of SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. Due out in April 2009 from The New Press, the book will feature 26 origina…

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Christine Keiko Agena says:

looks great guys..? 🙂

blacklava says:

Awesome! I can’t wait to buy? my copy!!

Gouki213 says:

like? the avatar music

Mai4M says:

The book left me wanting for more! Seriously I was like, “I’m done?” No way! I want more! Jeff? Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow, and Jerry Ma, you guys did a SPECTACULAR-FIRE job! Thank you!

dancefever6am says:

looks wonderful. I will definitely check this out!?

LifeFirst says:

Sunfire is Japanese
Atom is Chinese
Bruce Wayne is White but lived? in Tibet for like 20 years
Ras Al Ghul is Tibetan
Xorn is Chinese
Karate Kid is Japanese

…this is about it I think

harveydents says:

Sunfire, ras al guhl? , xorn, storm shadow, quick kick, shang chi, sons of tiger, silver samuri, lady deathstirke, yellow claw (very racist tho) female dr light,ballistic,katanna, mantis,golden girl, thunder and lighting, lady shiva, conner hawke green arrow, cassandra cain and many more

harveydents says:

But still much less represented as white and black? charcters. and gay charcters even less.

jhameiagoh says:

Guys, just finished reading this yesterday. I don’t? usually buy comics but this is WORTH EVERY DOLLAR.

SuperZussi says:

awesome movie. I believe everyone who called movie freak? must watch this movie. If you want to watch this movie for fr33 you can find at FreeMovieZone. n e t

falconx1 says:

There’s also Wolverine’s son, daken, part Canadian part Japanese…also there was meanstreak for X Men 2099….Jubilee….Ryu Hayabusa (The Ninja Gaiden Chronicles, rumored to have been recently acquired by Marvel), Silver Samurai…that’s it for Marvel. ? Not much Asian Super Heros in DC. But there’s also the famous Asians Super Heros turned to white actors by Hollywood (Goku, from DBZ, and Ang, from Avatar)

kyree vang says:

Daken doesn’t count as an Asian American comic book character because first of all, he is Canadian. Second of all, Daken is the product of Marvel’s long standing support of Oriental fetish, which is why Wolverine fucked a Japanese woman to produce Daken while you never see the opposite thing happening in American mainstream comics. Third, Daken is biracial. We’re talking about Asians? here and Asians only. Lastly, Jubilee doesn’t count. Ill explain more on that later since I’ve ran out

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