Rising Asian-American populace grapples with elder care issues

Rising Asian-American populace grapples with elder care issues

In a country that is growing older and increasingly diverse, elder care issues are playing out with particular force and resonance for many Asian-Americans. The suicide rate for Asian-American and Pacific Islander women over 75 is almost twice that of

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Sally Hayes says:

The Asian-American populace is known to have close family ties. Adult children take care of their aging parents, assisting them with their activities of daily living. They are committed in performing informal caregiving even if this is already causing them stress and making it hard for them to do their other obligations. One of the reasons is the language barrier between these populace and long term care facilities. I agree that they are having a hard time communicating with healthcare professionals, so they just opt to keep their loved ones at home and provide care for them. Another reason is the high cost of long term care. It’s impossible for a family with average income to afford a year of stay in a nursing home, assisted facility or other senior care facilities. In order to avoid this, they should plan for long term care early. Also, the government should come up with facilities that can cater elder care services to Asian-Americans. For more information about ltci and its cost, read the references below to find out how much does long term care insurance cost.




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