Randall Park begs ABC to renew ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Randall Park begs ABC to renew ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

"The cast is top notch. The guy who plays the father is very handsome."

Let's get real, fellow Fresh Off The Boat fans: the show is as risk of being canceled.

Creatively, Fresh Off The Boat is still one of the joys of prime time television. But after wrapping its unprecedented fourth season last month to middle-of-the-road ratings, the ABC comedy is firmly on "the bubble." Its future is uncertain, and renewal is not guaranteed. So if you want to see another season of your favorite Asian American family comedy, this is the time to raise your voice and let the network know what's up.

Who better to lead the charge than the show's star? In this video for USA Today's "Save Our Shows 2018" feature, Randall Park, who plays patriarch Louis Huang, makes an impassioned plea, literally getting on his knees and begging ABC to renew his show. He also offers some solid reasons to bring the show back.

"The cast is top notch," Park explains. "The guy who plays the father is very handsome. It also happens to be, in my opinion, the best show on network television. Or at least the best show about an Asian American family on network television. Out of all those shows — there's so many of them — and ours is definitely the best."

I mean, of course, if you put it that way.

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