Racist UK MW3 Player Insults America!

Racist UK MW3 Player Insults America!

Yea I got in a game with a Racist UK player who insulted people who were killed in 9/11 and the people who died in the Colorado shooting.This really made me …

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Kieran Elcock says:

This video is? pointless, idiots from every country insult others on PS3 or XBOX. 9/11 is something used all the time becuase it is so hurtful of course. USA dudes tend to say 7/7 because its also hurtful. Deal with it.

evilduckoncrack says:

I am? from the UK and i find it offensive that you think we are all as retarded as this guy. Not all people from the UK are assholes.

grumpyturtle1 says:

omg? x_x

aBlueTaiga says:

Looks like someone just came back from 6th grade? history…

kXCoReTeX says:

UK? All Day, Just Sayin’

Danny Destroya says:


iamspartacus29 says:

You’re a Moron lol

Caucasian, Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean, Asian etc are RACES.

America, Europe, Africa, Asia etc are CONTINENTS

Christianity,? Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism etc are RELIGIONS.

Now let’s make one thing clear. These things all bear no correlation to each other. e.g It’s entirely possible to be a Caucasian Muslim who was born in South Africa.

The guy in this video is an aggressive idiot, but he’s not a racist as he’s not insulting a race.

Kyle McMurray says:

it’s? not racism, he’s just being an arsehole …

xOoOUOoOx says:

It just seems like the uploader? is like bitch who hot his feelings hurt and came to share it in youtube dakn fucking annoying

BARCA131198 says:

Hope not all Americans think Brits? are like this ๐Ÿ™


You’re a faggot, you asked for a? 1v1, that’s a 10 year olds mentality.

Jordan Taylor says:

“What wars have you won?”

I? seem to remember us winning the revolutionary war… Dumb prick

ClutchItDude says:

When this was happening I was trying to get? a Trolling video ๐Ÿ˜›

ClutchItDude says:

When this was? happening I was trying to get a Trolling video ๐Ÿ˜›

MyNameIsKaid says:

I think 90%? of them are lol. I for one love everyone from europe lol specially all of there Accents (dont know how to spell that ๐Ÿ™ )

ClutchItDude says:

Thanks for the money? ๐Ÿ™‚
*Money Whore*

koolmayyn says:

it’s reality? not trying to be funny but your american you blow up your own people you find anything funny. It’s not your fault dw

PwnageLazyBoy says:

should have said fuck the queen and watched? him go crazy LOL

ClutchItDude says:

lol yea?

Luke Taylor says:

Yanks get all defensive and shit when someone mentions 9/11. what about 7/7 bombings, the UK Riots, the Cumbria massacre, the Dunblane massacre. You? don’t see us Brits getting upset when yanks take the piss out of our tragedies. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

Luke Taylor says:

I’m not defending the fuckers in this video but stop generalising a whole population? over one ass hole on the Internet

ClutchItDude says:

When? did I?

TorchYH4 says:

Yep that make sense , when people die in massacres? , wee’ll just carry on. That just makes sense right ?

Kappa VanLanen says:

okay sorry for the intro thingy but it’s easy to asume that? if someone who copy’s one thing might copy other things too

alex Tjosvold says:

How is there irony in fing 911 I am canadian but still 911 was bad and you are a little brit ass?

kirza94 says:

“What war did anywon win with nowons help” Britain won the Falklands? war by itself BOYAH! Btw Yanks are really dumb they cant take a joke and they just dont know alot about history, geography etc…

PxchuGG says:

This guy is stupid and ignorant I hate people from? the UK that are like this because they just make all of us look like dicks…..

PivotXL1 says:

Sorry to disappoint you, but “American” is not a race. Second, what does it matter if he insults people you don’t know who died? You don’t know them? and they are dead, so I am sure they don’t care.

Headgehog Partridge says:

I’m British but not? like that guy he’s a retard

Sean4685 says:

end of the day, your? playing ps3, nuff said.

Sean4685 says:

and plus if it? wasn’t for the Americans we’d be speaking German right now. so shut up you pikey and stand down. from a brit.

timothy tyulpin says:

At least Americans don’t talk talk? like retards

Mhackett12492 says:

We won the civil war on our own. That was a war. “Yanks are dumb they can’t take a joke?” A bunch of fucking British kids started terrorizing these adult Americans. Fuck yeah this is racism, because of all of the immigrants in the late 1800’s have sort of blended? together into a race. Sorry I’m French Canadian-Scottish-British-Portuguese-American, so you sir can Fuck off. The people who don’t know their history / geography in America are the people who live in ghettos otherwise its been taught.

Mhackett12492 says:

Your a retard, you contradicted yourself.
Asian is a race.
Asia is a continent.
So with this logic alone
American is a race.
North America is a? continent.

Good job man, really proving a point here.

Mhackett12492 says:

Still mad? about the revolutionary war.

kirza94 says:

Cool story bro ๐Ÿ˜€ ?

iamspartacus29 says:

What? That’s not even what I said.

Besides you’re clearly? just hating. Don’t worry – you’ll be happy again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Ranstead Moons says:

‘american’ isn’t a race. You can be an Asian American, African american, Caucasian american. Someone insulting another country is not racist unless they start insulting them based on the colour? of their skin.

Ranstead Moons says:

“Blended together into a? race” – It isn’t a race. French isn’t a race. Race is determined by your ethnicity NOT the country you are born in. So being a French-Canadian-Scottish-British-Portuguese-American means nothing. If you were a half Black/Caucasian and someone insulted you based on it then you could claim racism.

AerialGreaseMonkey says:

I think it is? quite sad to degrade a Country just because a large group of people died there…

OperationTurnip says:

“We won the civil war on our own.” You fought with? yourself you fucking nonce.

tony diaz says:

Stupid British faggot talking shit about 9/11? your really ugly and fucked.its the saddest moment in our country. Bitch your jealous cause your country couldn’t celebrate 4th of July and we kick your stupid British ass.so don’t insult people using 9/11 jokes

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