Our Families: LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories

Our Families: LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories

Check out the first video from Our Families, in our series of videos that highlight the trials of triumphs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people …

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TheDyOH says:

What a wonderful video short. It moved me.

As a Korean-American, who struggles with my gay identity,? it was sweet to experience the Korean mom accept and value her gay son. It was the first time I heard those words in the Korean language.

KitsuneMale says:

that korean? mom, was beautiful, everything she said was beautiful

Adrian Renon says:

The story with? the korean mother and side made me cry. Thats exactly how families should be…

iRockYurSockss says:

It’s so sad that she thinks she’ll? lose her relationship with her father if she comes out.

Bagel Han says:

Same here.? I couldn’t help but have a little breakdown while listening to her.

snillocgrom says:

the truth is, she most certainly will. I have American south asian friends whom their fathers officially terminated their legal relationship just because they found out their sons had something as mundane as premarital sex or even more harsh, a non-consummated relationship with someone from a different “caste.” If they get? that much grief just with the caste system, IN AMERICA, forget about homosexuality.

redmagician1000 says:

hey no offense i dont care about people who are? different like that dont get me wrong i dont hate them i just dont care to hear about em

rej524 says:

– uh… then? why did you watch this?????

redmagician1000 says:

curiosity oh and sorry i thought i was commenting on another video anyway my relative adopted a beautiful asian girl makes? me wish i was younger

demonethagreat says:

islanders make pretty shemales,maybe i watch to much hbo real sex? too much but everytime i see i islander i look pretty they are..the men that is.

caramelking2000 says:


ryeducky says:

Where’s the T? I? only see LGB…

Marc Aguilar says:

you know what why wont you just shut your trap us gays lesbians bisexuals and transgender people are not terrorists!!!!!! we are people too. so? you better shut your damn mouth!!!!

caramelking2000 says:

LGBT =? LET GAYS BE TERRORIST !!!! ~ Habakkuk 2:15-16

xgaygreg says:

I used to be gay, but? over 6 years ago Jesus set me FREE! (you tube video) Also I’ve been married to a beautiful woman for almost 19 months. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! I am no longer a slave to the sin of homosexuality. I made? the choice to be gay for 11 years, but now I choose life – JESUS CHRIST!

loversarelunatics says:

that? doesnt even make sense

kilkolio says:

gay? boy

Ashley Chatman says:

Check out? my poem titled “LGBT”


Fung Mo says:

The brothers look so? different.

Ciara Tiara says:

I hope they? both find someone they love 🙂

Ciara Tiara says:

I mean I? hope they all find someone they love

??????? ??????????? says:

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Leviwosc says:

See here what religion destroys! Theists are the most horrible people I can think of.?

diskea says:

I cried listening to the Korean guys? story.

John Vue says:

I’m Hmong? n I understand I’m gay..

Tse Sy says:

yes…same here…?

Navii Leah says:

I wish my Korean mother was like John’s mother. If I told her, I’d be disowned. I have to lie to? her about who I am, and she constantly asks me if I found a good guy yet whenever I go home from college. Luckily I’m not that close to her.

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