MIT Gangnam Style (MIT)

MIT Gangnam Style (MIT)

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Conrad Seuhs says:

this has got? to be the most insincere stretch I have ever seen.

mariaaulfa says:

hi? guys, I’m in competition right now, can you please open this link and vote for me? starmakerstudios. com/profile/mariazora there are Hey Soul Sister, Gangnam Style, and Santeria ^^ thank you for? your support

abetterbitofbutter says:


abetterbitofbutter says:

abetterbitofbutter says:

MatthewsTechStuff says:

MIT? Commercial.

Orlando Luisillo says:

Terrific!!? Chomsky+Lander+Sadoway!!

podlovec8 says:

They should make a music video for white and nerdy.? xD It’d be funny.

801347503547 says:

how’s that sad??

givemuzic says:

unreal!!!! can you do one of mine when you? get a chance?

Catalina Urquijo says:

Chomsky? style and Eric Lander dancing …Amazing and really funny. 😀

karthik varma says:

really great.especially prof.Eric lander? is great…….

Ashley Sheaffer says:

MIT Korean Students Association, I absolutely love your? “?” shirts!

Mikster7500 says:

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phsssss95 says:


bugiardo100 says:

Saddest thing? on earth? ,you participating on this

tobeyoon says:

everyone, including the Korean media, Psy,? and Scooter Braun, agrees that MIT Gangnam Style parody is the best parody!

CrosszzZZ says:

Russian professors in American universities teach mathematics to the? Chinese.

han john says:

its include to high quality! i? have passion to you to your feel!

Sandra Bilokonsky says:

thanks? for the study break! awesome sticking it in a lecture!

mich mir says:

are you MIT? student ?

dickbalaska says:

Yea! Wide open beaver in the lift.?

Sandra Bilokonsky says:

i am taking the MITx course online? with dr. Eric Lander so yes and no

Chey Sanders says:


Siba Sugar says:

Im starting to watch a lecture into MITx and i bump into this! You guys? are awesome!

sulljoh1 says:

??? fucking ?? 😛

sulljoh1 says:

Girls like that really? exist at MIT, so do better on your GRE!

albanymike says:

Greatest youtube moment ever?

lilli soso says:

3:20 funny

Maxim Beletskiy says:


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