Minerva TV Interviews Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra

Minerva TV Interviews Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra

Erik Spoelstra interviewed by Christia Gardiola for an episode of Minerva TV as shown on FTV Rogers Channel 606. Erik Spoelstra is the first Asian-American h…

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RockStar023 says:

it’s awesome the he’s the first asian-american? head coach in pro sports

marianriverafanatic says:

It’s more like? the first Fil-am…

lazelle48 says:

how tall is he????

carimar30 says:

erik stands? at 6′ 1″

guyvasq676 says:

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Minerva TV Interviews Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra

donfulcher1 says:

My favorite filipino? food is pinay pie, I could eat it everyday.

HarveyRex23 says:

Imagine, a Filipino NBA Head Coach coaching what could be the greatest threesome in NBA History in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Watch, Miami starts off the 2010-2011 season 38-0. And once Miami loses their first game of the year, Pat Riley is immediately going to pull the carpet right from? under Spoelstra’s feet. And take over as head coach of the Heat. Which would suck big time. I hope that doesn’t happen.

greensack69 says:

lol? erik spoelstra is a joke.

conlanding says:

Erik? Spoelstra is on his way to being a top notch NBA coach, but Pat Riley is derailing it by speculating that he will be the head coach of the Heat anytime now & will treat Erik Spoelstra the same way he did with Stan Van Gundy, push him aside when he has a championship caliber team ready.
Remember the Heat were 25-57 in 2003 & 15-67 in 2008 when Riley stepped aside both times & handed the job to both Van Gundy (2003) & Spoelstra (2008), respectively.

stali28 says:

everybody know next year? this dude wont be coaching the heat

donfulcher1 says:


Danica dela Fuente says:

fuck you?

megan samaniego says:

I <3? Erik Spoelstra

PePPiZCH says:

Fail. ;)?

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