Marvel’s Asian American superheroes team up… for karaoke?

Marvel’s Asian American superheroes team up… for karaoke?

Totally Awesome Hulk #15 is Marvel's most unapologetically Asian American comic book issue of all time.

This is a dire situation that needs the attention of Marvel Comics' greatest Asian American superheroes! Amadeus Cho — aka The Totally Awesome Hulk — Ms. Marvel, Silk, Shang Chi, Jimmy Woo and Jake Oh have answered the call to action and assembled… at a bone marrow donor registration drive?

That's the opening scene of Totally Awesome Hulk #15, which is not only totally awesome, but quite possibly the most unapologetically Asian American issue of a comic book that Marvel Comics has ever published.

Starting with that bone marrow donor drive. As you may know, ethnicity matters when searching for a life-saving bone marrow match, and unfortunately, Asian Americans are seriously underrepresented on the National Marrow Donor Registry. And now you know. You can thank writer Greg Pak for that.


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