MADE IN AMERICA – Nasty Young Asian-American Women and their Ridiculous Demands

MADE IN AMERICA – Nasty Young Asian-American Women and their Ridiculous Demands

MADE IN AMERICA – Nasty Young Asian-American Women and their Ridiculous Demands.

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acrosby1099 says:

Archie! since this dude is giving up all the good shit for the mrs you
better hit this fucker up quick for a ‘donation’ now! Your advice ain’t
fuckin free right? Tap this fucker as a resource for some more scotch or
cigars quick!!!!?

JDT738126 says:

This is probably your best video yet! Ain’t that the f***** truth!?

Hubub Armour says:

He should have gone to rural China to find his spouse mate. They are so
poor that any little generosity seems like big time for them. Spend a few
years outside of the US, then consider moving back. He must have met this
woman in the US after she had a taste for the big time bucks. Run Forest

Joao Gabriel says:

this guy hates Lange because it`s german but he loves BMWs and mercedes

jdiscount says:

Most Asian women are like this, not just Asian American ones.?

RobUK73 says:

Two words of advice, or is it one word either way, Pre-Nup!

cornwelj says:

And this is the video where ArchieLuxury loses his shit. :)?

BulletproofGOAT says:

I thought women were all about equal rights? If so then pay half you here
today gone tomorrow BITCH!?

thagonzp says:

The guy is a chump. He needs to get back everything he gave her and kick
her to the curb!?

dlhussain81 says:

Don’t trust women…?

Maynard Joseph says:

whats wrong with range rover? the epitome of class and style.?

Dom Jakube says:

In the immortal words of Kanye West,

I aint saying she’s a gold digger, but i don’t see her hanging with no
broke nigga.?

David Crowe says:

He needs to run a second set of accounts so she never knows how much cash
he really has, then she won’t have this fucked up sense of entitlement.?

LowTideBob says:

You had better hope Mrs. Archie doesn’t see this video… bye bye Pateks…
hello Range Rover!

This guy is just…. so fucked.

Fuck the ring, fuck the Rolex, fuck the handbag… getting out now is going
to be cheaper.

Pay your stupid tax and move on.

My advice to the young grasshopper… They all look beautiful in the dark.
The current bride to be is a tick on a dog. She doesn’t value anything
including her husband to be… Find some lady with the love and desire to
buy you a Rolex without you having to ask…?

klumy says:

You will pop that mole if you don’t calm down Archie?

Homeboy Chris says:

This dude needs to get hip on game. You should show him this song and get
his head screwed on straight. Caucasian Kush Mac and Slang Goods?

Reinhard Blade says:

The woman is not the problem archie. Its the beta male’s who are letting
these nasty bitches manipulate them.?

dude92128 says:

“Are they all like this fuckers?”

Mmmm….yeah basically. 4 out of 5 are for sure. They’re just liberal
leeches that want to leech off of someone their whole life. It’s sad how
many people in America don’t care about trying to change the world. They
don’t care about making a difference. They just try to leech off someone
else to get ahead.

Virtually all women in this country are liberals who believe they’re
entitled to a free ride. ?

eden says:

LOL, this is why I have a german girlfriend;) There you have a partner for
wealth building.?

Tom Targus says:

Pussy whipped idiot?

Peter Smith says:

This deal will eventually drive his business down the drain. Typical
upper-middle class bitch who has a tendency towards a parvenu lifestyle
when she gets married to this dude.?

sheffieldmvp says:

Range rover outperformed every off road SUV as proven on the show “top
gear”. Stick to watch snobbery. RR is legit.?

bazzroid says:

Women are evolutionarily wired to extract resources from men. If they can’t
do it themselves they vote for a government that will do it for them via
This is why women voters always vote liberal and ‘big government’,
Female suffrage is a disaster?

1989rbrown says:

was she at least good looking archie??

giveitbackNOW2 says:

You are so right Archie. I work with women who do this to guys. It’s sad
but so many of them go for it. I pay my own way Archie so to answer your
question not all American women are like that but from what I can see most

Alex T says:


goldsaint7 says:

I hate Asian women because they hunt down white guys. not for the
love/care but for the dilution of mongoloid features in children. and
money. asian culture is very whitewashed and not proud of their
features. koreans gets expensive drastic bone altering plastic surgery
just to appear more Caucasoid. so they can show off their half white/Asian
kids to their Asian family and friends and think they are superior more
handsome/pretty. and that’s not all. they will get a bag/jewelry/car
every year as the fashion and times change. will drive your bank to the

George Ranks says:

This video would have been 5 minutes shorter if you were sober?

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