Love Predictions for Year of the Sheep

Love Predictions for Year of the Sheep

Who Finds Love in the Year of the Sheep? Find out with our Chinese Zodiac Love Predictions! Celebrate Lunar New Year with a lucky Red Envelope from EastMeetEast, the premier dating app and…

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kawaiikimuchi says:

Female dragon, so I only have July to meet someone D: maybe I should stop
focusing on just work and broaden my social circle…lol. Either way I will
hope for a better year than last year for me and a good year for my family
and everyone in here as well! ???? Happy new year! ?

Linda Lemoni says:

i’m a rabbit.. and i planned to go out more again after a quite bad time..
but i fixed my life and keep improving myelf and it was my goal for this
year to go out and be more social again XD yay hopefully the chinese
horoscope is more accurate, cause the other one is not in any way, i am
basically the opposite of a scorpio..?

its1tym4urmind says:

Mike’s shirt is rather tight lol?

rockinstrawberries says:

Aiyah, this is so true (my horoscope is ox) relationship gone downhill :c?

Cheyenne hernandez says:

Im a sheep do not wanna get back with my ex lol life brings weirdness ?

Sunny Cai says:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (I’m a sheep/lamb/goat/ram/whatever) :D?

Sunny Low says:

Dan and Yi, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Happy Chinese New Year!?

Jason Pursley says:

Looks like we have a tie for first between Emma Cookie and Pandora litter.
Nice video guys.?

Diraxu diaxu says:

Where are the snakes if i need them :(?

devine fist says:

Great. cocks aren’t lucky this year?

Kat Luong says:

Wait what would happen if I’m a snake but I’m in a relationship??

Off the Great Wall says:
Lucky Anne143 says:

Xinnian kuaile…..
Btw, Isn’t it called the year of the goat???!!!?

Sniffthisblossom says:

Since im a dragon, will that someone who notices me ask me out? Lmao ?

Marit Kok says:

I’m a sheep and my boyfriend has been trying to get me in a red dress for
the past few weeks! I guess I have to give in.. ?

BeckiYiBan says:

Uh oh i’m a rooster and i just recently got into a relationship with a guy
who is also a rooster >__< Dang, hahaha?

ladama says:

What numeric year is the Chinese calendar?

P.S warning if you confess your love,. It might end up in an epic fail
compilation (love edition).?

Uyen Tran says:

Can u do a vid on the diff types of asains??

Thatsprettiemuchit says:

If I don’t start a relationship this year I blame y’all…jk?

Holly Miller says:

I want to cuddle a dragon.

P.S. I’m a rooster. Currently not looking for love. xD and I agree, being
patient is good. :)?

Igabella says:

Rooster was so quick :

indtje says:

Aha im a dragon but I dont think that the horoscope will come true for me:/?

Ludwig Nyman says:

So basically everyone may win in one way or another. Yai. 😀 Not happening.
xD Horoscopes are BS – but entertaining.?

Sosmcs See says:

I am a tiger n my bf is an Ox.. Our fortune for this year is contradicting ?

tsukisakura1 says:

lunar new year greeting and my mom told me and my older sister to start
looking for guys… hahaha -_-?

its1tym4urmind says:

Hmm my goal is to run 10 5k’s and do one half marathon, maybe I’ll meet
someone there haha. That is if I don’t pass out from running?

krazyazngurl99 says:

this is my first time seeing mike wearing a shirt with shorter sleeves than
usual .__.?

railn j sander says:

so sad for my dogs friends(one of you ) ,,,,work hard this year money is on
the way?

monica yuan says:

Mike! I’ve noticed your Moonions T-shirt from first I started watching this
video (lol)~ And I’m an Ox?

Sarah Skyler Bucu says:

Happy Lunar Year Guys! By knowing your signs, I kind of had an idea on how
old you are… @Mike, love the shirt! It has now been one of the things I’m
looking forward whenever there’s a new episode, haha!?

KyuubiCatT says:

My boyfriend and I are both pigs and we just got into our relationship late
December last year, so this is awesome news! 😀 ?

Katie Williams says:

I can never tell whether I’m a horse or a sheep. I was born on the 7th
February 1991, so technically I think a horse, but my personality aligns so
much more with sheep. It’s very confusing!?

Kristine Valentine says:

I’m a sheep and my boyfriend is a dog and our relationship is quite rocky
at the moment because of his temper.?

Danny Nguyen says:

All the single people in the comment section should start dating! Start
hooking up people ^^?

Emma Cookie says:

yay! first! I love your videos, they’re always super funny!?

Sir Green Tea says:

Cheers for rats! All rat people UNITE!!?

Modern Chinese Speaker says:

I don’t need love. I have YouTube.?

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