Jessica J Interview: How To (NOT) Approach Asian American Women and How To Continue Conversation

Jessica J Interview: How To (NOT) Approach Asian American Women and How To Continue Conversation

JT Tran, the confidence expert, interviews Jessica J, family therapist, on how to (NOT) approach Asian American women, how to continue the conversation, and …

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MyALPHAguy says:

as if they were different…?

Razear says:

Us mentality. lol?

GamingElite Gametrailers says:

Lol, I had an instadate with a filipina just by starting out saying I bet
you are a filipina. Lol, I had like 2 instadates that day including Persian
girls and one date that was originally planned before with an East Indian
girl. 3 dates. I’m asian btw.

However I could never succeed with an Asian girl except once. I dated a
Korean women like weeks ago. But I went completely indirect and she
friendzoned me. We broke things off knowing it can’t get further. White
washed Asian girls are into tall white guys. So I don’t know how to deal
with them. I am white washed too.?

ren chen says:

The question is “Why even try to approach an Asian American woman?” if you
are an Asian American guy. I have been to Eastern Europe and Central Asia
and these girls are a mix between white and Asian due to the mongol
invaders 800 years ago. These are some of the most beautiful women I have
ever seen in the world, even more beautiful than the Latin American girls
in South America. And the most important reason why would you even want to
go to Eastern Europe and Central Asia to date these beauties is because
they have never been influenced by white male western standards. THAT’S WHY.

So if you are an Asian American man, stop wasting your time listening to
this so called professional dating coach and then using his advice and your
hard efforts trying to find an Asian American girl to like you. Believe me,
Asian american girls prefer white guys over you. That’s they way they were
programmed since birth. You are fighting decades of prejudice against you
by the white male dominated media. Spend less time and effort to get the
most beautiful girls any man has ever laid eyes upon in Eastern Europe and
Central Asia.

BTW, if you Asian American guys think Asian American girls are hot, you are
still living under a rock.?

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