Jerry “JT” Tran at Yale University about Asian American Dating (Part 2)

Jerry “JT” Tran at Yale University about Asian American Dating (Part 2)

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tj4582 says:

if this guy is? the so called authorative figure 4 Asian pua, we r all screwed

richard seymore says:

Amen to that. We’re all screwed. This guy reinforces the stereotype that all Asian men are short,? nerdy and asexual. This guy fails to confront the true root of the problem of why Asian men feel the way they do. ? Hollywoods image of the Asian man and perpetual stereotypes that have been thrown out for decades have completely destroyed the Asian mans confidence. This is not an accident either. It is by design.

Asian men need to wake up and realize there is a media WAR against them.

richard seymore says:

All Asian males need to visit? this site: m – It dissects the true root of the problems Asian men face today.

trandietnguy says:

You’re too fatalistic and pessimistic. JT has made a success of himself while? inspiring hundreds if not thousands of other young Asian guys. What have you done to help other Asians?

VirtuousRebel says:

To be honest…you’re an? idiot.

Berkeclor92 says:

Look at all these nerdy Asian dudes who never had a girl tickle? their pickle. lol

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