Huff Po Religion Misses Important Reason Why Conservative Asian American Churches are Prolife and Pro-Family

Huff Po Religion Misses Important Reason Why Conservative Asian American Churches are Prolife and Pro-Family

Liberal Huffington Post Religion Section has a piece yesterday titled “It’s Lonely Being A Liberal Asian-American Christian.” Personally I found the whole piece reeking of everything that I can’t stand with my generation: A hyper obsession with being different in one’s identity, a super sensitivity of finding things that are wrong with others, and a way of going about always having others have the responsibility instead of self masked in intellectual sounding guises. Yet where the intellectual powers are suppose to count (in critical thinking skills) it is somewhat lacking. Somehow the university scene inject all these things on steroids for some Millennials.

For example let’s look at what the writer has to say for why Asian American churches are conservative. She said the following:

“The conservativeness of these churches stems from several factors: For one, they generally maintain the social mores of their home culture, which are usually more conservative than broader American culture on every front, from clothing and appearance to interactions with elders to dating and sexuality. Then you add the immigrant mentality of playing everything very safe and going out of your way to avoid trouble; you also mix in the conservative views of white American evangelicalism, upon which Asian churches draw heavily for resources (books, curriculum, etc.) and general direction for how Christians should respond to political issues and current events. You end up with communities that can be even more conservative that the typical white evangelical church: they’re vehemently pro-life and anti-gay marriage, and they may also perceive questions as challenges to authority and forbid high school dating.”

Here’s my thoughts:

She has mentioned more than once in her piece that Asian American churches are more conservative than white American churches. I would like to see actual figures and statistics. Isn’t ironic that in a day an age where Huff Po and friends are talking about fake news they can have a piece up on their website without statistics and verification?
The writer describes the conservative nature of Asian American churches as ” vehemently pro-life and anti-gay marriage,” while also saying they “forbid high school dating.” These issues along with the issue of race is predominately how our writer come to define conservative churches. But shouldn’t her years of undergraduate and graduate studies give her some insight that a community’s definition of who they are should be defined by themselves in their own terms? I’m not saying pro-life and biblical view of marriage is not part of Conservative Christianity but I suspect from the way she writes she’s doesn’t see there’s more to the story.
Her paragraph above gave quite a bit of reasons for why these churches are conservative. But do you know what is missing? The Bible. The reasons why these churches sees homosexuality and murdering the pre-born in the womb as a sin is because of the Bible. That’s a big factor to miss. Now I understand she’s given a lot of sociological factors for conservativism but let’s not get so deep in analysis to miss the fact that the Bible plays a large factor for centuries in leading Christians to arrive at orthodox Christian morals even before the arrival of American Christianity…and Asian American Christianity.

We must also not forget that giving an explanation for something is not the same thing as presenting an actual argument against something. She’s offering explanation but not an argumentation. But those explanations she push forth also bring with it burden of proof; burdens which she hasn’t fulfilled.

As I read this I got really sad. Her title is “It’s Lonely Being A Liberal Asian-American Christian.” What’s more lonely is if one doesn’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Do not be deceived that approving of sins is something that can please God or allow one to draw near Him. I’m praying for her…



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