Happy Angryversary: 10 Angry Years

Happy Angryversary: 10 Angry Years

Some friends and supporters share a special message for Angry Asian Man’s 10th Anniversary. Produced in secret, this video was shown — much to Phil’s surpri…

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AsiansOnUTube says:


glennisglitters says:

What? an awesome video for an amazing 10 years! Congratulations 🙂

Kaname650 says:

Congratulations for ten? angry years!

Rich Frachey says:

Congratulations and thanks for being a great? teacher about the Asian community.

Sheldon Zhai says:

shout? out to my boy phil from madison wisconsin!!


Happy angryversary from? the San Francisco Bay Area!

gsquyrb says:

thank you so much for chaning my life! I? bet you’ve changed other countless people during these 10 years as well.

belaralia says:

Congrats and Happy Angryversary from? South Florida!
I’ve been reading your blog everyday since it’s started. Thanks for all your hard work and the inspiration you have provided to the Asian American community!

DJ MisterVee says:

Congrats, PHIL! Keep it? up!!! Stay ANGRY!

quadshock says:

.Phil Yu is the MAN. I was introduced Asian American issues at UCD, but this guy has been the reason why I stuck with it. This is the type of leadership that our community needs, and it grew pretty organically. You can tell by how? many important AA figures are in this video exactly why the 10 year anniversary was a big deal. 10 years ago, none of these people had any exposure whatsoever. Angry Asian Man paved the way.

Happy 10th!

haruelol says:

John Cho, man! You look pretty hungover, ahah. Keepin it? real, alright. XD

asianamericanfocus says:

Great video! Happy belated? angryversary.

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