Fil-Am TV: Asian American Basketball League

Fil-Am TV: Asian American Basketball League

Asian American Basketball League

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try2luke says:


itZPinoyBoy says:

i am about to go to? tallwood also michael

montam26 says:

Gabe Norwood!?

seros2010 says:

SupremeVerticalJump,YouTube head by the 10 foot basketball rim!SuperNaturalJump2012, YouTube, Over 5 feet floating in the air!! My Head by? a 12&1/2 foot ceiling! UltraVerticalJump,YouTube,Real­ly soon I’ll be eye level with the rim! SuperVerticalJump,YouTube,the video cam by itself is magically following the incredible 4 feet vertical!UltraHighJump2012,you­tube, close by 12&1/2 foot rim!UltraStarJump2012 &SuperStarJump3rd, youtube 4 feet vertical! Soon my head will be over the rim!

Reza Naranjo says:

wow, a? potential league. why not try tapping out M V. Pangilinan?

FLYPino019 says:

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Grab a book, study up, and pass the PTCE. That’s all you need to do to be a tech.

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