Fairfax County's New Comfort Women Memorial Courts Controversy

Fairfax County's New Comfort Women Memorial Courts Controversy

When asked what the butterfly benches symbolize, Grace Han Wolf, a Korean American from the Herndon Town Council, told Asian Fortune that the butterflies are a symbol for the Comfort Women and “signify hope and freedom from discrimination.” Wolf also …

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humanrightsTiananmen64 says:

I hope Grace Han Wolf and Sharon Bulova should not turn their face away from the inconvenient truth, comfort women enslaved for the US military and Korean Government itself during and after the Korean war.
I was very shocked by the news that 122 Korean women claimed that “we were the U.S. military comfort women”, and sued the class action lawsuit on June 25, 2014.
The USA and Korean Government itself are very deeply committed to this Korean “comfort women” matter as an assailant of violence against women.
All comfort women were the victims of human trafficking. The Memorial should engrave the phrase on the statue “We were the U.S. military sex slave too,” for human rights of all women, the very purpose of this memorial.

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