Crazy Asian Rapper

Crazy Asian Rapper

DISCLAIMER: No it was not a freestyle. No it was not sped up, this was live. No copy right infringement is intended, all rights and credits on the 2nd instru…

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DJMalikwd says:


applepokerpie246 says:

Fuking nurses?!?!??

flavio12piano says:

F. August – Crazy Skrillex (Original? Mix) [FL Studio 10]

LesDessinsDeRapha says:

Great? !

Jazmine Payton says:

Hes actually good if u pay? attention to what he say

Stephanie Baudoin says:

i like cake

95100Danny says:

Lmao I’m? shaking the place like japanese earthquakes ^^

MrRoderick9989 says:

I will lay money? this guy is not asian… Try Native American

tr4nzyy says:

sick? freestyle

TwiztedKidz686 says:

When he? showed up I was like. Lol this guy. No. But then. Holy shit

gerharddj200 says:

what a boss.?

hexnano1 says:

He was just saying some random words?

Tito Ortega says:


Truong Nguyen says:

lol your wrong he is? Asian.. how much money do I get?
Vietnamese Cham

Og3990 says:

random ass words just to rhyme

cheerio polio im diabolitial lyrical no political blow dro bang? hoes yo yo yo yo

terius slack says:

Dam nigga good?

tao2008qis says:

what? can i say, my people like big words that dont mean nothing. he has flow but no punch and doesnt rep the hip hop spirit

Moustapha Aloubaidy says:

dude its rap wat do u think lol

Son Goku says:

Woow you? rap long time 😀

Envoltoras says:


sydney smith says:

nigga ill outrap ur? ass any day

Alex Robinson says:

this made me? lawl

BigBadBanshee13 says:

Am I the only one who thought the first one was better instead of the speed ups?

NuclearFailure says:

Have these? arnt even words lol

NuclearFailure says:


francisdrake98 says:


TrollingOK says:

That just doesn’t? work…

IceStarStudio says:

That just sounded more like shit… I would rather jump off Skrillex’s head and kick his mom in the head than listen to? this.

Antonio Alicea says:

Just….? Just terrible

Antonio Alicea says:

Just like how you can’t sing country to a rap? beat you can’t rap to dubstep

Flex 36 Productions says:

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Phillie Doja says:

Anyone could do this? shit.

itsKiuhL says:

Raps to fast to the beat man slow it down a bit and it would? be proper

Rez Proz says:

That’s sik yo? good shit

Sorng Heng says:

squad? up

michael combes says:


Badisse David Mehmet says:


Absolutely talented.? I don’t like listening to all rap; but I have to say, you have talent.

Misha Brah says:

this is very good but real talent? is when you can freestyle off the top of your head. It’s a tough industry trust me and you need to be ableto spit off the Dome. because its a dog eat dog industry so you have to be able to drop something like this…YO ima G, dont mess with ME, im the guy you wanna BE,I multitask, I PEE and drink TEA.Shiiieeeet Son im good. I jsut thought of that just then off the TOp of my dome,anyways peace homies,swag.

KoreaTeenTV says:

Not true at all.?

insanedubsteper says:

some of it made sense… and he has flow, but yeah? if he didn’t keep rhyming with random words it would be so much better.

North Shore says:

I think you have a nice voice!
Just try to find someone how could help you make some nicer lyrics !
However nice video!
(I could? not do it better )

Smegma McSmeg says:

yo? mayn that shit tight dawg. I feel it mang. u like drake?????

Misha Brah says:

thanks bro. yer drake is mad real and right i love dat homie. i owe a lot 2 drake he got me thru some tough times dogg.? do u like drake??

333wtf333 says:

If you think that freestyle? is harder than this, just try rapping everything he just did back to us. Memory not so good? It’s not that either one takes more talent, it’s just a different talent.

Chanaya Som says:

Ohh no what happened to this video? ? 🙁 massiah is a beast , love his voice , I feel the emotion when he spit

kristina crnkovic says:


serefkana says:

Off the top of? your DOME? Bitch go HOME!

icreateral says:

Is he? really Asian?

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