Comfort women bill passes state Senate

Comfort women bill passes state Senate

Christine Colligan (l.), parent coordinator for the Korean American Parents Association of Greater New York, speaks at a news conference hosted by state Sen. Tony Avella (r.) to announce the passage of his bill to step up education on Korean Comfort …

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humanrightsTiananmen64 says:

Tony Avella should not be a hypocrite.
I was very shocked by the news that 122 Korean women claimed that “we were the U.S. military comfort women”, and sued the class action lawsuit on June 25, 2014.
If the issue is a human rights concern for the future of all nations, we should memorialize all comfort women, including females forced into sexual slavery by the USA military and Korean Government itself during and after the Korean War. The USA is very deeply committed to this Korean “comfort women” matter as an assailant of violence against women. Tony Avella said “It’s important for us to learn about the comfort women so we learn what we did wrong so we don’t repeat it. We need to teach this to young people because they’re the future of America and of the whole world.” First, he should seek support to pass education of Korean comfort women who were enslaved by the US military, for human rights of women, the very purpose of his political activity.

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