CNN: Are asian students smarter?

CNN: Are asian students smarter?

Aired Anderson Cooper show 5-16-07 8pm PST.

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tystorm23 says:

lucy? lou. lol

mamodin24 says:

don’t try to speak from entire race, mby you the only asian not? smarter and works hard …

madmaxonliner says:

They’re not smarter; they just work harder than? their peers.

Bob Didlebok says:

You? must have met the wrong guys, I consider myself a nice Hispanic… You can’t really judge people by their race, its how their brought up.

Bob Didlebok says:

oh and? They’re* lol (I messed up :P)

Bob Didlebok says:

Slow down here guys. “Smart” is obviously a word being interpreted in different ways. Many are connecting how well one does on a test to how “Smart” they are. Or how they speak to how “Smart” they are, or even one’s job. This has nothing to do with “Smartness”. This is all a choice of person, and how much one? focuses on a certain area of their life. So if you focus on tests then you are just proficient there.

TerrifiXia says:

How about civilized, proficient, professional, academic, intelligent, courteous, law-abiding, generous, humble and brilliant geniuses.

Actually Asians are hella? smart. Just read an article about an autistic 9 year old Thai boy who had the abilities of final year engineering college students.

Or one where the Chino peasant who was dirt poor and uneducated built a mechanical arm all by himself. Let me guess, any other race in his shoes would be shootin, killin and murderin.

lolimdead5 says:

They aren’t asian.? They’re american

John Rem Demanoy says:

White peoples are hot,black peoples? are talented,asians are hardworkers. We all have special talents. We cant just let one race have everything. Thats uneven.

hk seng says:

Asians are? only good at taking exams

Shayna K says:

I go to the school mentioned above, and well, it’s kinda true. But it isn’t exactly our “duty” to? do good in school… We’re just really pressured to do well. All our parents were top of their classes in high school and college, and they expect their kids to be the same. If we’re not, they get disappointed with us. And then the schools become really competitive and good, and it’s even harder to do good. It just becomes harder and harder…

Matt Lawlor says:

Yay asians?

3dswalkthroughs123 says:

We aren’t smarter, we are? working very hard

purplepoppy07 says:

Stop generalizing. Every ethnicity has? hot, talented and hard working people.

purplepoppy07 says:

I hate it when non-Asians cite culture and parents and fear as reasons for Asian academic achievement. This completely trivializes everything I have worked for, which I have done completely on my own? and for my own future.

kartikasweet says:

Hi..? Nice Topic!!! ~ 🙂

aikidokid163 says:

i agree, but remember people will strech the statistics to get you to belive something especially the? us gov.

Dan Q. Tham says:

CNN needs to do more reporting like this. ?

Carbon Bonds says:

Even if you stretch the statistics, the facts are still there. Those people will always be ranked lower in academic level and higher in crime level. obviously there are exception to every rule but we are talking about the majority here.

Even when you take into account Asians and Caucasians growing up in poverty area, they still don’t make up most of the crime rates. ?

Sam Rosenbalm says:

Asians: Intelligence = 10 Physique = 8 Intangibles = 9 Total = 27

Blacks: Intelligence = 8 Physique = 10 Intangibles = 9 Total = 27

Whites: Intelligence = 9 Physique = 9 Intangibles = 9? Total = 27

We are put together differently, but in the end we still all add up the same.

occaboutbeauty1 says:

Stupid Americans and generalizations they make in order to give themselves a false sense of security,just because there are more smart Asian students than American ones in our lifetime due to a culture that is a bit more assertive in streesing importance? of education, it doesent mean the majority of them are that way just that there are more than what we see currently in established American citizens! Generational Americans want to party more than study,the longer you are here the more you chang

kylio27 says:

That’s the dumbest metric? I’ve ever seen. How did you calculate those figures?

kylio27 says:

So it doesn’t occur to? you that perhaps intelligence and work ethic are inherited genetic traits in Asians?

kylio27 says:

Asians outperform whites in IQ, and particularly in mathematics, but not so for creativity. Also, another theory is that the bell curve for whites suggests that there are more genius whites on average, even if there are more intelligent Asians overall on average.

Whites have had a knack for inventing, but Asian ingenuity takes what has? been invented and develops on it for further application.

I think both are quite valuable.

kylio27 says:

Jews actually score the highest? IQ than any other racial demographic – That could very well be the key to their successful advantage – Intelligence and cunning.

You acknowledge white’s innate potential for success and denounce social constructivism, but you think the Jews are successful due to social constructivism.

That doesn’t seem consistent.

Sam Rosenbalm says:

It’s not meant to be? taken as Scientific, obviously. I am just trying to demonstrate how it’s possible for everyone to be unequally equal, so to speak.

kylio27 says:

“unequally equal”??


Sam Rosenbalm says:

So? to speak.

kylio27 says:

That seems? like a lame attempt at racial egalitarianism.

The races are different, and have distinct valuable or invaluable traits.

Sam Rosenbalm says:

You may be right. In fact, I agree with you to? an extent. However, that is a very dangerous line of thought when put into actual practice. It is thinking of that sort that has led to several injustices, such as Apartheid, Jim Crow, and even Affirmative Action.

I prefer to think that, in the end, everyone of us is equally unique and uniquely equal. I respect your opinion, however.

BoIfar says:

lets bomb north korea then get all the north Korean kids and put them in school so? we can raise schools test scores.

12abc5678 says:

asians are not smarter than other human beings…. im? asian and i think if whites and blacks spend alittle less time thinking of sex and sex positions they can scoore good 2

emilau11 says:

@ 3:37 is so true.? I myself am Asian and most people expect me to act according to stereotypes. My parents are very lenient as to what I can do for my future, and I study so I could achieve my own personal life goals, not to please my parents. I am American as can be.

aikidokid163 says:

you know im agreeing with? you here right but your still right

cneider1 says:

How do you know your house has been? burglarized by a Vietnamese gang? (Everything’s gone and your kid’s homework is done!)

gemnikix3 says:

i think? you need to spend less time judging people; everyones different

Peter Lankton says:

you can become? smarter by working harder

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