Being Asian American: VC2

Being Asian American: VC2

Hapa is a Hawaiian term used to describe a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander ethnic heritage. Recently, its popular usage has been broadening to Asia…

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Randy Astaiza says:

I? think half asians are sooo hot!!!

siamlotus says:

Interesting, cool to see a video talking about this, I myself being (half? Thai/English). Although its really of no consequence, people are people…

IAmSamThatIAM says:

I? my self got the runs from watching this shit! Where’s the damn toilet?

salemandsooty says:

Your all fucked up! If it aint white it aint right!!!!Fuck you all and go? home!!!!

siamiam says:

im thalf that half german= Thaiger? 😛

Supernovabeat says:

im half martian?

kl5748 says:


Psypherion says:

OMG me too! ? Hampa represent!

fishinful says:


snoopinc says:

Half asian? guy here 😛

tongabutterfly says:

True, Hapa is a Hawaiian term meaning half. Although it was originally used to refer to a person of polynesian and caucasian ancestry.? The term was coined by the Asians who were half white, which I find annoying. Asians in Hawaii are often trying to take things from polynesian culture and make it their own.There are alot of people who are Asian living in Hawaii trying to call themselves Hawaiian. It saddens me when I see non polynesians confused by this, then thinking Asians look Hawaiian.

kuualoha96734 says:

couldnt agree more! Thank you for saying so. ? In the american mainland (continental us) people think hawaiians ARE asian because there so many asians saying theyre hawaiian… like philipinos who say theyre hawaiian cuz they are from hawaii and have tan skin. sickening.. is their ethnicity so lame that they have to pretend theyre something else? Be what u are.. youre not hawaiian! STOP EXPLOITING THE HAWAIIAN CULTURE!

hayabusa53 says:

Half Asian Half White women? are so hot.

josh igoe says:


Solowizard says:

I’m? half Asian and half Muslim.

Solowizard says:

@xxkrazyaznxx, Kim Jong IL, and Pol Pot are awesome? I DON’T? THINK SO.

monkeyboy2222100 says:

Im? full Asian but I look half white lol

landcommander1981 says:

Melody is gorgeous. ?

Kiahsobyk says:

As an Asian-American, I prefer? being referred to as “American.” Or magic.

CartmanLandZ says:

hahaha i can relate? im half too

Richard Malone says:

I prefer the term Eurasian because hapa originally referred to someone who was half? Hawaiian native, half anything else (usually white). I’d rather leave the Hawaiian word for the Hawaiians to use as they see fit.

LunasCraincloud says:

NewHampshire?? rock on

Lexington Steele says:

White Women hate Asian Women. Asian women are too beautiful. They take all the? White Woman’s precious White Men.

rabidpensfan says:

People just need to quit being soooo sensitive to what other people think of them. I’m part Welsh, Polish, Irish, Czech, and Cherokee Indian. What does it matter. However, I think Asian women are strikingly beautiful. But none of this matters if you are overly concerned with what you are on the outside only. Let who and what you are shine out from? the inside, and be proud of it. Wine is only good if it really tastes good, no matter what the bottle looks like, or how much it was.

annisa icha says:

Eurasian is actually for Turkish people.. or people around middle east-europe. Turkish don’t look like arabs, they look more european with a middle east twist (black hair for example) hence Eurasian. Turkey itself often called Eurasia because the country has two parts: the Asia part and the Europe part. I’m guessing you? are half asian (as in north asia) and half american.. so Eurasian doesn’t fit you either..

Richard Malone says:

Actually, the word Eurasian has many different meanings. Try reading a dictionary every once in awhile. There are species of birds called Eurasian because they have ranges in both Europe and Asia. Are you saying they’re Turkish? Just because YOU use one word in a very restrictive way doesn’t mean everyone else has to. I didn’t make? up the term Eurasian to describe my racial admixture. Go blame the person who did for stealing it away from your Turkey-centric view of the world.

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