Assembly Member Young Kim / Adjourn in Memory of Linda Sarno

Assembly Member Young Kim / Adjourn in Memory of Linda Sarno

Sacramento, CA – Assembly Member Young Kim (R, 65th District)  adjourned the California Assembly Floor Session on February 18, 2016 in memory of her friend and mentor, Linda Sarno.  Linda Sarno was a renown Chemist and Patent Lawyer, a friend and mentor to many Filipino American and Asian American entrepreneurs, and a community and spiritual leader in Southern California.

The transcript of Assembly Member Kim follows:

“Thank you, Speaker and Members. it is with great personal sadness that I adjourn on behalf of my friend and mentor, Linda Sarno.



She passed away on February 1st and was laid to rest last week (February 10, 2016 at the Rose Hills Memorial, Whittier – Editor’s notes). And I had the blessing of visiting the family and also go to her wake and pray the rosary.

Linda was a tireless leader and like a godmother to many of us in the greater API community (Asian Pacific Islander Community – Editor’s notes). She leaves a rich legacy of accomplishments and contributions to this great society.

At the federal level, she advocated tirelessly on behalf of the Filipino-Americans who are victims of the land grabbers in the Philippines.

At the local level, through the organizations like the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce (of Orange County) and Asian Business Association of Orange County, she started many of the “first” events like “Century Business Opportunity Day”, “Green Expos,” and “Secrets to Success.” – All these annual events were meant to recognize successful Filipino American entrepreneurs.

Linda was a renowned Chemist and a Patent Attorney who made a great contribution in our society in the industry she was a professional in.

While I don’t want to overlook her many professional accomplishments, today, I want to take a moment to highlight what Linda meant to me personally.

I’ve known Linda for over two decades, but we grew very close together especially in the last 6-7 years as we worked on human rights and land grabbing issues together.

Though she was battling cancer in the last few years, her death has still left me stunned and her absence leaves an incredible void.

During her fight with cancer, Linda lost the ability to speak so we relied on email to communicate. And whenever we saw each other, we used a toy, like doodle sketch!

In fact, it really became easier for us to communicate because you see, for both of us, Linda and I, English is our second language. So the written words gave us the opportunity to choose our words very deliberately and I really feel we that grew closer because of it.

As night owls, we often communicated in the middle of the night. In fact, on that very early morning on February 1st, she sent me an email just minutes before she passed away. This was minutes, literally minutes. She complained of shortness of breath and the autopsy showed that she passed away due to a heart attack which undoubtedly was caused by the cancer that she was battling.

I will always treasure knowing that I was on her mind in her last hour, in fact her last few minutes.

Our bond was not just rooted in the communities that we both served. Above all, I value our spiritual bond. She was a prayer warrior to me. Her unwavering faith and inner strength was a source of inspiration to me and helped me to keep my focus. I will always cherish and appreciate the way we prayed together and for each other, right up to the final moment.

Thank you, Members. I ask that you remember my dear friend and my mentor, Linda Sarno, and we adjourn in memory of her today.”

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