Asian & Western BB Creams | How to choose & what you need to know

Asian & Western BB Creams | How to choose & what you need to know

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S Maria says:

Thank you for this very informative video. Like the background history info
and all the details.?

AgeofVergo says:

If BB creams are replacing foundations, they that implies we should add
makeup on-top? Any recommendations for us guys that want one good product
that doesn’t need added makeup? ?

Iceechibi says:

And I like as you said “whitening” in Asian BB Creams doesn’t necessarily
mean to white your skin; its brightening the darker spots. I love korean BB
creams much more than western BB creams because it has more skincare in
them. I feel like America is just jumping on the asian skincare wagon just
because and for marketing. ?

Snug Pug says:

Can you recommend an Asian bb cream with best benefiting ingredients for
skin and most coverage but also one in satin and one in dew finish. Thank
You and your video is very informative.?

Wattergirl says:

This was VERY helpful! Thank you! ^_^?

Jude Ku says:

Or is that the Appletox?!?

FancyKatx3 says:

This is so helpful and informational! Thank you, I really needed advice on
what BB cream to get. Subscribed :3?

msteph113 says:

i want to try an asian bb cream but i have such light, pink skin that i’m
worried about it not matching. i’ve been using laura mercier’s tinted
moisturizer. they have like 8 shades so it matches my skin tone pretty well
but its 42 dollars and has no skin care qualities?

Michelle H says:

Great job. Your video is very informative and you really have investigated
the product. ?

Pauline LaPorte says:

Im lovin the loreal bb cream bcoz it gives me that light covering and
natural looking finish…and so easy to apply…?

Mirieth Valenciano says:

You are amazingly informative and well-spoken! So glad I found your
channel! Keep the excellent work! :)?

Juli Yoo Lillianne Pick says:

btw your face is darker then your neck.?

M Elum says:

What a great video!! Thank you!?

fatalblue says:

wow! what a wonderfully informative video. The heavy emphasis on skin care
as well as the generally higher SPF make me very interested in Asian BB
creams. I just got samplers for Missha’s BB creams & I’m currently looking
to get samplers for Etude House. Hopefully one of their darker shades will
work for me :)?

keran L says:

Hi!! Thanks for the great review! Where can I order those korean BB creams
in the states? ?

Richard Therrien says:

Get the best BB cream around here

DanielaMia says:

Hi, I really like this video, it helps a lot. Thank you ^^… I am very
happy with a BB cream from Garnier (it suits my skin the best), however
even the lightest colour is still too dark for me. I bought few BB creams
from Korea, whose colour suited my skin but they were too heavy and it felt
like having too much make up on…. Do you know of any BB creams sold in
Europe that are suitable for a very pale skin, please please??

Patty Killion says:

I love how you teach all of us about the products!! Awesome and
educational video. Thank you so much!! xx?

betyatyahoo says:

Can anyone help me out selecting a Korean BB cream? I am hispanic, with
really yellow undertones. usually the light western bb creams fit my skin
tone but they leave a pinkish coloration to my skin which I can notice
between my face and neck.. I have dry, dull, acne prone skin. I have
been searching for a while but I can’t seem to find a BB cream that best
suits my skin! Can anyone suggest a Korean BB cream for me??? THANK YOU

Bobi G says:

Great job

Chrysantha Piano says:

I really like the BB cream reviews that I’ve seen so far, but this one was
definitely my favorite. You covered so much information in a reasonable
amount of time, and it really helped to see everything compared so well in
one place. Thank you so much!!!?

pattissiere says:

Hi! I was wondering wich bb cream match me the best if I use the Estee
Lauder bb cream all day glow #3, my skin type is combination
I don’t care too much if the product doesn’t go with my expectations but at
least I want a bb cream that suits my color to start?

Stacey Maples Brister says:

You are so sweet and really beautiful <3 Thank You :)?

Thien Phu Hoang says:

Phim loi Sam hoi?

Forolly says:

After watching your so many videos wearing different bb creams or
foundation, I particularly like the one you used when making this video.
The finish is perfect and you look really “yummy” under this one. Do you
still remember which bb cream or foundation you were using??

crimsonxrose103 says:

I bought the Maybelline BB Cream and I hated it. It was streaky and way too
dark for me. I recently purchased the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #13,
and I’m hoping I have better luck with it. I’m super pale, so finding a BB
cream that fits my skin tone has been a nightmare!?

Ann x says:

Fit me foundation concealer and powder?

RedVelvetCupcake says:

Western BB cremes are nothing more than glorified tinted moisturizers.
Asian BB creams are the best, but they don’t have any choices in dark skin
🙁 ?

jungkook v says:

Asian makeup is the best?

gerardwfreak says:

Hi! I’m interested in trying Etude House BB Cream (and also the Skinfood
Peach Green Tea BB Cream), but talking about Etude House BB Cream, do you
think it would be safe for oily acne prone skin? And also do you think
their lightest shade would suit me? I’m NW20, and looking not necessarily
for a full matte finish, just something that’s natural, and doesn’t have to
be full coverage since I can always put on concealer.. oh and is it best to
put on a face primer, or just put the BB Cream on and then the setting
powder? Thank you so much, I’ve just discovered Asian BB Creams and I
really want to try them! 🙂 ?

Sandra Kleppe says:

Great video! I am trying to find the best asian bb cream for me atm, but it
is kind of hard, because ther are soo many to choose from! I’m very pale
(probably NC15), have dry skin in the colder months and have a problem with
blushing/red skin :/ Could you be the sweetest and recommend a good bb
cream for me that still looks natural and not cakey on my skin! Thanks :*?

Nadia Williams says:

You are a very smart and informative speaker!!!?

Olga Plesh says:

Do you have video about CC cream??

warmccl says:

Skip to 5:30?

ze prod otakuzz says:

this video is amazingly informational but I still am a bit hesitant to
choose a brand. I have a fair-medium skin tone and dry-ish skin with an
easily oily T-zone. Luckily though, I have little to no blemishes on my
skin (except blackheads on my nose). Should I buy the western or asian
brand of bb creams??

Z Ahmed says:

Hi, thank you so much for the review, I have been looking for the right bb
cream forever, I really need good skin qualities then coverage, I have dark
skin (Carmel brown) and am looking for a Korean bb cream that would suit me
best. You mentioned that there are bb creams that blend in and adapt to the
skin, do you have any suggestions? Please help, I checked out your website
and read alot of your reviews but did not find any that you mentioned with
that quality. Please respond, thank you again?

selmaline23 says:

Thanks! Greats video!?

michelle perez says:

Loved the video. Very informative. You and i have about the same skin type.
I am combo/oily in the summer and dry in the winter. What color selection
do you have in the mizon bb??

Andrew Bedingfield says:

Have you tried Ponds BB cream ??

TheWayIRage says:

You’re really well informed, the best! ?

Joanne Soh says:

Yah, you can speaks incredibly well! U can be a news reader! But this video
is too lengthy. ?

akkito1911 says:

This was incredibly helpful to me, thanks so much for making this video!
Also, you have a lovely voice :)?

Sherry Nye says:

Wonderful breakdown of the differences between the asian and western BB
creams! I am just now looking into trying out bb creams. Very

Nicole Ford says:

I’ve been looking for a good BB cream for my lighter skin tone. Most of the
Canadian/American ones are so orange-tinged. Your video’s have helped a
lot! I just bought the Mizon snail Repair from e-bay and I’m so excited to
try it. :)?

SunnyTangerine19 says:

You are an incredible speaker! Very fluid, informative, and well said!
Kudos and thank you for the very helpful information!?

Zizi Stavrakou says:

A very enlighting review! Well done!!!
I am trying to find the appropriate BB cream for me, since I have never
tried one before.
The one you wear looks really great because it seems to cover but it
additionally has this great satin finish.
Could you tell which brand you wear.
Also, I would like to try skinfood, which I have heard is a quite good
brand. Have you tried any of skinfood bb creams that you would recommend?
I have a light skin tone with a rather very soft pink shade.
Thanks again, hope you help me out!?

MoriWeasel says:

This is lovely; Great review. I like how you compare them all. I wasn’t too
long. I’m glad you explained everything. I learned a lot.?

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