Asian Heritage Month or “Fun with Hollywood White-Washing!”

Asian Heritage Month or “Fun with Hollywood White-Washing!”

Thanks to Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, the British occupation of India lives on! And introducing… Asian Hulk. UPDATE: WAIT, did you Hollywood F…

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Finn Gilbertson says:

Really enjoyed this genuinely informing talk. I watched and liked both of the movies without a second thought to? the new white versions of the Villains. Also It’s important to remember the Asian Hulk is an Archetype and not a Stereotype! ahaaaa

LostExistencex says:

Im really happy you discussed? this topic. Even looking back to Anna May Wong, she couldnt excel as an actress in America because she was Chinese. There are no genuine archetypes for Asians to look up to in American film/tv shows, especially for Asian-Americans. Asians are always portrayed as the math wiz, as the secondary, as the shadow, or not even casted at all and instead replaced by a non-Asian for an Asian-descent character. Its disappointing, so thank you for acknowledging this issue.

russelgazimov says:

Why is skin color so important to you? Why do you feel we should limit roles to? certain people? You get more racist by the minute, you want to discriminate against actors because they aren’t “asian”. First of all race is a social construct and has no scientific basis so stop trying to classify people. Why the hell does it matter who plays what? Enjoy the shows and quit being so racist.

Shyaporn says:

Your lack of perspective on which direction casting discrimination runs in is astonishing. The number of Asian characters currently on television and in movies can be counted on one’s fingers, yet you cry foul when a reasonable mention is made of giving opportunities to minority actors, going so far as? to misuse the term “racist” repeatedly.

Shyaporn says:

Why, are you? sore? Wait… what?

WanderingWombat says:

Best? origin story ever.

facelessred says:

As much as I enjoyed Iron man 3, i was a bit taken when they revealed Mandarin as some random white guy. It is getting rather tiring. But I think it goes a bit deeper than race. Hollywood don’t want? to take chances with unfamiliar or dare I say it, Unpopular faces. Unpopular being faces of pretty much anything but white or majorly accepted individual from an ethnic community.

Long story short I agree, but there are definitely nuances.

YamiJoey40K says:

When that girl got on the ship and? was English I was like “Villain!” and was kind of impressed when she wasn’t.

YamiJoey40K says:

You? make a good point. Please, go on.

bu3asalli says:

I only got the point of hulk being yellow by the? end of the video, didn’t think it has anything to do with being Asian. Oh man I have to refresh my stereotype

OneUpdateataTime says:

This is both one of the most brilliant commentaries on whitewashing on Hollywood films and also an absolutely brilliant bit? of comedy. The end was just laugh after laugh. It was amazing all round. *round of applause*

wyatt5550 says:

“accidental overdose of racial bullshit” too funny xD

As? a white guy I agree.

russelgazimov says:

I’ve already said that there are 100%? “asian” shows in countries like korea and japan. Why don’t you watch those shows?

Kylii Hobson says:

Wait, Guy Pearce is British…I thought he was Australian…which I guess since we’re all convicts of the? British Empire it’s ok 😛

Shyaporn says:

Born in? England, raised in Australia. 😉

Kylii Hobson says:

I stand corrected? good sir… *bows*

Aurocard says:

I? couldn’t agree with you more.

Oh, and the ending made me laugh so hard, I believe I’ve lost a lung. That’s what I get for watching whilst having a cold.

ferrous719 says:

Omg.? I love you.

Rollin Leonard says:

So excellent. These gems are why I will? always be a subscriber.

Shyaporn says:

Thanks? for sticking with me, Rollin!

Shyaporn says:

And yet,? no dinner. No flowers. Sigh.

Andrew Malcolm says:

I thought you made some excellent criticisms of Hollywood’s prejudices, then reinforced them with satirical mockery. By the way, what did you think of the racist tones within the? film, BULLET TO THE HEAD?

VictorEChan says:

Oh my? goodness, You’re my new hero, Shyaporn! I’m good friends with Todd and Nicole. We gotta have drinks if I’m ever back in The City.

talkingmonkeywork says:

Goddamn it I just fucking love you somedays. Asian hulk reminded me a lot of? Wolverine in 30 seconds… All the yelling!

Douglas Wojtowicz says:

My gosh. Khan also really topped the charts as a poetic, intelligent? movie villain as well.

leo chipmunk says:

Absolutely nailed it with this? video. Funny how my nonasian friends did not notice the mandarin was played by a nonasian character

crossmr says:

No..but in Korea they? do hire random English teachers to play in big budget films and it’s always painful. What they really like to do though is dress up Russians and have them portray the history of the united states while pretending to be native English speakers..cause you know..every white guy is from America.

What’s really fun though is when they put on the blackface and pretend to be bushmen. That’s always classy and never racist.

tom cottle says:

the walking away at the end? with the hello kitty backpack… hill….. air….. eeee usss.

Craig West says:

I love your work. Just went through a week of hell with a kidney stone, and this clip was just what the doctor ordered. You have a great talent that helps? to keep a world gone crazy in proper perspective. Thanks for the tremendously creative contributions.

tressy92 says:

Omg….So the guy whose guts? I loathed, and wanted dead? in “Inglorious Bastards”, is the same guy whose character I cried for in Django? GTFOH!…, that’s acting. Lmbo @ the Hello Kitty backpack

Rik Taylor says:

I was all set to learn something and then Asian Hulk? went and made me laugh.

verylittleknowledge says:

Where is that? building with the beautiful drawing onthe side in the 8th minute?

Shyaporn says:

South Street Seaport, NYC!?

rebelblood00 says:

I am not even? Asian but I was still RAGING about this very topic!

Shyaporn says:

Join the rage, my? friend!

Shyaporn says:

Thank you. And? yes, I am good for kidney stones, muscle ache and gout.

lollylocket says:

loved? your Asian hulk ARCHETYPE
It made my day!

Bloodyidit says:

I’m white, and I hate white washing. I’m getting tired of vanilla ice cream and I want to try some neapolitan, if you catch my drift.

unfortunately, the movie industry? has about as many vanilla ice cream elitists as the facking KKK. and they just won’t dare to even try a single lick of mint.

I could really go for some ice cream right now.

Shyaporn says:

Great,? now I want ice cream now, too…

Don Nguyen says:

Nice Hello Kitty? Bag

ProudAnselmo says:

In related? news, William Fichtner has been cast as The Shredder in the new TMNT movie.

brokenBDA says:

as much as I disagree in having white people depicting other races in movies, I really HATE when Hollywood come up with other bull shit? like, ” hey we need an Indian to play this role, oh. how much to fly one over?! ok what about a Mexican? We got one of them? yea? cool, does he sound American? cool, that’s brown enough, no one will notice.” and in closing, why cant some one have blue eyes just because it does not comply with a general branding of way every one thinks is normal for that regain?

brokenBDA says:

remember he is genetically modified and why cant he have whites in his ancestry? does it ever say that he was pure? there are so many variables to consider. and FYI I would? have loved to see Aamir Khan in that role. he would have smoldered it better than Cumberbatch

Shyaporn says:

Why? Because Hollywood spent a century NOT casting? ethnic actors in ethnic appropriate roles. It’s not political correctness, it’s common-fucking sense.

The mere fact that your wording is that you “disagree” with whitewashing, but you “HATE” the mere idea of feeling required to cast people of color in roles of color shows a fundamental lack of perspective with regards to the uneven playing field in mass media today.

Shyaporn says:

I? know… I know….

(Note: Ellipsis = anger)

ItsDatCajunStuff says:

And after decades of white guys playing ridiculous stereotypes of Native Americans in many a western, now we have Johnny Depp playing one? in The Lone Ranger. Great.

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