Asian American Suicide Rate PSA

Asian American Suicide Rate PSA

Alex, Jacklyn, and Tim.

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Western says:

great msg behind? the vid. good job =)

Dan Gan says:

very informative and oddly the percent doesn’t shock me… i believe the sad truth is in one point in someones life there will be a situation where someone they know or know of will think suicidal thoughts and its up to whom ever to acknowledge the issue and help em out? of it.

great video

magirl90 says:

I love how you keep the message to the film sweet and simple b/c that’s all you need to do. And I agree with the? conditions presented b/c that did happen once to me, but my family was there to help me move forward.

A beautiful video with dramatic effect. Nice! ;D

Samuelson Ramos says:

Dont Jump!? lol

imjussomeguy says:


bebegurl47 says:

That was a really good message. I didn’t know that suicide rates for young women were that significant!! Again, good job. Great? psa.

JayKidd28 says:

good message guys? and good job!

tjmedina718 says:

great message,? and great delivery

lynq12 says:

good video.

just in case, if you know anyone thinking of suicide? or just needs someone to talk to, tell them they can call a 24 Suicide Prevention/Crisis Center hotline at 415-781-0500.

Thanks for sharing this information.

gosh5584 says:


OnlineOo says:

nice? video

jrosso says:

Profound video!? Didn’t know. Moving.
Good editing!

JayKidd28 says:

Damn this was good and ummmm. WHAT’S THAT GIRLS NAME. She’s to sexy to jump. Good save? for that sexy lady

reyluh says:

good? video!

theshouka says:

I thought this video was very emotional and the camera angles? made it look very realistic

bbyreminisce says:

very touching & the statistics? are very informative. goodjob 😉

ProjectWProduction says:

nice? work on the editing

XanderAvIII says:

very interesting video, it makes you think.
the scary part is when you stop and really think? about the people you know, and then you realize it

qatilhaseena says:

an eye opener…damn? i didnt think the rate wud b so high for american asian women…good message delivered

CrashofHearts says:

A simple message and a? short video, but all done very well. I think the message was great and the presentation powerful and moving.

Great job!

rkprincej says:

Great job with the editing,? really powerful message

Mark Gerardy says:

Asians and Friends Denver Colorado USA is impressed and chose your video to highlight GLBT multicultural issues at afdenver dot net. Please visit and? make others aware of these resources. Look forward to your feedback at afdenver dot net at and recognize your outstanding work and positive contributions towards multi-cultural GLBT awareness and understanding as part of a worldwide circle of friends.

Mark Gerardy
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ichigo50 says:

hey for your asian american studies class was ure professor Le?

Heruno Vang says:

I’m Asian And I Was About To Suicide My Self In 5th Grade But So I Learned By Watching Suicides… And I Learn Something Life Mabe Hard But You Have To Take The Bad With? The Good

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