[Asian American Expo 2001] NVerse

[Asian American Expo 2001] NVerse

Asian American Expo 2001 Pomona, California Directed by: Q-Ball Productions Choreography: NVerse Music: Zany Boy Records ———–…

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blackhatblues says:

hey? that was great

eeebay says:

aww thats kyoote? you guys are hot i love dem viet guys

eumesmu says:

wow! that was great!
the moves are the original ones… and you did it very well!

the guy in the black jacket is so hot..?

where did you get that remix from?
i would like to have it.. congrats!

QuanNguyen says:

Yeah, these guys really rocked the? crowd that weekend with the Nsync signature moves and their personal twist.

As for the remix, it was created for that routine and I can’t seem to find the original song anywhere, but I’ll let you know if I ever stumble across it.

eumesmu says:

aw-right!? thanks anyway! 😉
keep the good videos coming!

Katie Vo says:

there is an asian pop group….actually, there’s? alot.

Katie Vo says:

hahah when the three guys dance, then sorta look a like! the guy in? gray looks like my cousin xd

Katie Vo says:

ooo they are…but the asian MTV though…but i never seen a viet pop group tat? becomes famous before tho.

Katie Vo says:

they remind me? of Asia 4. LOL

Timbaleira says:

vcs imitam mto bemm!
eh uam pena q? Nsync acabou :/

BaANNA says:

You guys are cute!! ? Nice moves!!

baybixsouljuh says:

wow.. yahs are smooth. cute? =D i like this one

Cutecare says:

very cute!?

VietAngeL20 says:

lol…that’s soo funny…?

fusedblue says:


mati132 says:

amazing i love? all the moves!

asianamericanfocus says:

Looks? like these guys spent a ton of time practicing and getting those moves in sync!

vietmissie says:

Smoking. :)?

Ian Aguenza says:

ahh i? watch this everyday haha

panconjamonadaymayon says:

heyy could anyone? tell me the name of the songs please u.u

andy zhu says:

looks like theyve been practiced this and putted a lot effort into it. But still the clothing sucks, hair? sucks. They really need some lessons about how to dress and especially how to be ASIAN. I mean,,,, ,, the Chinese caligraphy at the back dosent make ’em attracted to people. Matter of fact, that looks pretty unmatch with these three ABCs. Please go redone ur hairstyle. You guys r not white. Plus the balloon pants makes you guys look like three clowns. Nothing personal, just some advices.

dreamcatalystmedia says:

We attended the Expo in? 2011, 10 years after this group. It was a lot of fun! Check out the footage on our page.

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