Asian American Club – Heritage Fair Performance

Asian American Club – Heritage Fair Performance

Carlmont High School’s Asian American Club performing Tell Me, Last Farewell, and Crazy Dog for the Heritage Fair assembly. Intro samples Janet Jackson’s Fee…

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UKyanie says:


Kristy Tran says:

Not bad ^^ I liked the Crazy dog one was? it freestyled?like actually they made the dance?

xbaby3phatx says:

u guys have an asian american club?!? thats awesome! i wish we did

redxbeanxmochi says:

OOh!! Very nice! I hope my high school has an? Asian American Club >:D

ske0111 says:

? ???.?????

jicala says:

I love all 3 songs<333 good dancing! I liked the guy who was in the middle at the beginning wearing white inside. He dances the? tell me dance reallyyy good, and the girl in dancing in the middle for crazy dog. They're both really smooth

cowlgid says:

It’s korean? song

dathao says:

i wished i can? do that for my senior homecoming.great job really =]

Sang Woo Park says:

for the response
its an azn american club. but we chose korean songs =D
3? ? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?
?? ???? ?????!

grtattack says:

DaMn!! i got goosebumps when you guys took up tell me and Big bang’s songs. Just? the fact you guys rep. for all asian. kamsahamnida!! and salamat in filipino..

NOTaGeisha says:

so basically,
david olmos and i are? doing this for the talent show at yearbook camp

ssaannss terra says:

and most? the chinks at carlmont are chinese

sexykorean90 says:

?? ??? Rocks :)?

chunny1991 says:

The 1st song loses? its cuteness cuz too much dancers.

ranmfcsd says:

I wish there were enough asians at my? school to have a club like that…

pectator says:

coolest school? evahhh

Sang Woo Park says:

?? ???? ?
?? ?? ??? 5????? ?????? ???????

Fawne03 says:

dude..that was awesome!!! I wish my school has? a asian club…sadly we don’t even have clubs…

reinaline says:

where? is this?

calibeachfeet says:

Carlmont High? School

Pieeater23 says:

that was? great! Gj!

SaLeNaChAn says:

i agree with you ranmfcsd
my schooll is too ghetto
i hate it
all the asian is so ghetto and gangster
and are not interested in those stuff only 2 asain girls me and a girl i dont know but i love to have a friend who are not shy and go with me on stage to do a dance but they are shy the ones that i hang out with at the wall but the one that are ghetto and gangster is on the? other side of the wall

magicknightsakura13 says:

omg! that was awsome i wish my skool could do that man u guys r the coolest i luved? the dances it was awsome!
did even half of those ppl know big bang?
anyways u guys r kool!
if i did i woulf faint in 3sec. i’m really scared i have sstage fright but if i was there i would scream as loud as i can!

softballplayer650 says:

is? this in belmont california??

NOTaGeisha says:


xprincessLeia says:

niceee! i wish we could? perform this in our high school assemblies D:

annonymousaznkid says:

imma? make my asian club do this, HHAHAH

trangbabii says:

carlmont high school? thats siiick? 🙂

Fawk Yu says:

hell yeah
representing azn pride? xD

katrish19 says:

im going to carlmont this? year!!^^ cant wait till the heritage fair!!

GDluv999 says:

wow u guys are really good. spread? the big bang love

calibeachfeet says:


beatboxGD says:

woohoo!!! that rocked!!!! xD keep on making? videos if u can!! 😀

jadeMFd says:

’08? AAC-ers, who woulda thought my obsession with the wonder girls in HS would get us any attention…?

But honestly I was 17 in this video, so I’m mildly creeped out.

Andrewsaywha says:

Watch? the 2011 AAC Heritage Fair Video!


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