Asian American Beauty – A Discourse on Body Image (Trailer)

Asian American Beauty – A Discourse on Body Image (Trailer)

Trailer for upcoming event discussing Asian American body image, beauty standards, eating disorders, and unspoken pressures to be thin in both American and A…

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SicSeb says:

I looove asian women rrrrrr!?

Miyavismxdesux says:

Im asian an? I have an ed, and what tears me up the most , is that this is all so true, but still, I cant fight against it.
Fuck media 🙂

Jill Andrew says:

Good day calvin.
Can you please contact me
BITE ME! Toronto Int’l Body Image Film & Arts Festival
I’d like to show your film? at my 2011 film festival. Thank you:)
Jill Andrew, festival founder & director

Anosaurus Rex says:

@tuffguyxxx cuz most chicks aren’t retarded/hate them selves enough to wanna be some d-bags slave girl, QQ MOAR cuz white chicks reject you, poor? baby

Waggie Too says:

asian american sings america, please? take a look

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