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American/Asian – American/African – American/Latin – PHILOSIA

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Freddie's Modern Kung Fu says:
atem lordship says:

Basicly we are humans that look different on the outside ,that’s not an
accident ,that’s nature and It’s natural for to be presumsus and able to
distinguished one from another ,your life or wellbeing may depend on it.


mrkitanai1 says:

You’ve brought up some good points here. The fact is that if an
“African-American” went to Africa, the people in Africa would NOT view or
accept him as being African. Same if a Japanese-American went to Japan.
The Japanese people, in Japan, would view that Japanese-American as a
“gaijin” or foreigner. However, when you REALLY get down to it, most of us
don’t have the right to call ourselves “American”. The Native American
people were here first – everyone who came afterwards, basically, killed
the Native Americans off, killed their culture and language, exploited
their land and took advantage of everything. ?

latenightnap . says:

Let me break this down for everyone. We are all humans. America was labeled
by Amerigo Vespucci. The Romans labeled Africa, some say there was a tribe
in Tunsia the Afri derived from Berber named ifri. Whatever the case, no
one neither the Natives who were living in the USA are Americans it is just
a label given to man to categorize someone or something for his own
understanding. Truth be told we are all humans just made with different
skin tones, affected by genetics. There really is no such thing as African,
European, or Asian, it is just a label. ?

atem lordship says:

Sorry bad typo!?

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